Put yourself out there: How to become a penpal

I got the idea to start looking for penpals after reviewing the offbeat hobbies post. Someone said they wrote to the Amish. That is likely rewarding as well, but since I wanted the immediate gratification that only the Internet can bring (and the Amish are not known for being too talkative online), I pulled up Google and asked "how can I make penpals worldwide?" Boom. That easy.


Throw this party: The Pollinator

I'm throwing a party that I've named "The Pollinator." The basic idea is that I want to widen my social circle, so the price of admission is that every single attendee bring a guest that I either do not know or do not know well.


How do you get into LARPing?

I know there are tons of Live Action Role Players (LARPers) out there. How do you find a good group? What should first-timers expect when they go along? Is it cool for us to turn up as a couple? What else should we know about testing the waters here?


How getting engaged made me figure out friendship

Before getting engaged, I also have been pretty shit-terrible about friendship. I've fallen out of touch with people I wanted to stay in touch with, I've been the kid waiting for an invitation but never proposing, I've let fights and misunderstanding end years of friendship. I've not always been great about friends. Then I got engaged and moved thousands of miles away from everyone I knew, and had an epiphany about friendships.