Help! My life is stuck in a rut

We feel like our life is stuck in a never ending rut of my student loan repayment and unemployment. We are desperate to move into our own place but it never seems possible. Has anyone else ever been stuck like this? How did you find a way out, even a place to start?


How can we smoothly move in with my mom with babies of our own?

My husband, my two kids, and I are getting ready to move back into my childhood home. We're so excited to get into a larger, safer (better hood), cheaper living situation, but there are some worries on moving back in with my mom… mostly for my husband.Have any of you guys had to making the "moving in with the in-laws" change?


How do you cope during that awkward, post-college phase?

This past June, I graduated from college and came back home from being out of state for four years. My same-age friends have either moved elsewhere, gotten married and blown me off, or live in different places, so I am constantly spending time by myself or trying to fit into age groups that I can't fit into. How do I cope or make friends in that awkward, post-college, pre-long-term-plans phase?


How to deal with moving back home with your parents

I recently moved back in with my parents.  This is because I made the decision to stop working full-time, go back to university, and make an attempt to "concentrate on my writing" (as obnoxious as that sounds).  I have lived out of home for over four years – the entirety of my adult life! – and as you can probably imagine, quite a bit has changed at my childhood home in that time.

I've learned a few things from my time back at home — pull up a chair and let me tell you why you should think twice before demanding a juice box, or bringing a one night stand home to your parents' house.