"We are Matthew Shepard. We are Stonewall. We are Pulse." A passionate dissent of recent LGBT hate crimes

In response to the Orlando, Florida shooting at a gay nightclub, Pulse, AND the arrest of a man armed with assault weapons and explosives, on his way to attack attendees at LA Pride, my heart is heavy with so many reactions.

We have been disillusioned by recent political victories into the notion of societal equality. But we are not safe. We were never safe. They are murdering us.


We are the future: Our post-millenial, Pagan, LGBT, polyamorous family

This is what our healthy family looks like, our core family that is. It Extends, because that little boy there holding a mask over his head has never ever known what the rest of the country lives like. Add to that most of us are gay, bi, or polyamorous. This means, when one of us has a child we have to definitely "redefine family."


Bisexual in a straight marriage

Coming out as bisexual to my husband was as strange as coming out to myself. I ended up speaking in so many circles that it took another conversation about two months later for him to realize that I was actually trying to come out to him. He had questions. I had questions. The biggest question was if I still wanted to be with him, or if coming out was also me realizing that I wanted more dating experience with other women.


How to respond to religious LGBT condemnation

We've been dealing with some pretty intense levels of religious LGBT condemnation from my fiancee's family. We have received many emails, phone calls, and letters asking us to give up our "sinful ways." In the hope that it may help others find words, I thought I would share our responses here.