Turn your laundry into a high-wire circus act

Of course laundry sometimes feels this way (will a red sock sneak into the white load? Will that wine stain come out? Will the suppodly dry-clean-only sweater shrink?!), but I love that these high-flying Amazing Pegzini Family 5 Laundry Pegs Clothes Washing Line Pins turn your laundry line into the death-defying circus act that it sometimes is.

I'm actually considering getting some of these for my dainty but discordant postcard/photo line.


Make a filing cabinet for your laundry

Our two-adult-one-child household produces a crap-ton of laundry that drove me absolutely insane; there was always a pile in every room, and an absolute mountain of it right there beside our glorious washer and dryer. So, thanks to Pinterest, I got creative.