Repurpose a fancy tea box as a tie holder

I received a gift of a fancy assortment of green teas in a lovely wooden box, and I was just itching to figure out a great way to repurpose it. I loved that it already had dividers inside, making it a great little organizer. My hubby's tie collection was a mess, so I decided to give it a whirl.


Use binders to downsize and organize your DVDs with an easy-loan bonus

We used to have a crap-ton of DVDs. Seriously, they took up an entire wall. Then we moved into our tiny little house. We have windows on every wall, so there isn't a single open space long enough for our cabinet! The new plan: Declutter, join Netflix, and ditch our clunky DVD cases — opting instead to store them in this lovely little binder that tucks nicely under the television.


Use lingerie bags for washing delicates AND sweaters

I hate washing things by hand. In addition to sweaters, I think that other delicate clothing/unmentionables last longer if you wash them by hand. My first victory was moving somewhere with a washing machine that has a delicate cycle. But I was still doing multiple loads of delicate laundry since bra hooks and knit sweaters do not mix! The next victory was what I like to call a "baskets moment" or in my case, a "bags moment." For people who apparently live under rocks like I do…