Thoughtful gifts under $20 for EVERYONE on your list

So you can't afford to get your book nerd brother a first edition, or your travel-hungry friend his dream trip to Japan, or your whiskey-loving sister her favorite bottle. We get it! But you CAN get them gifts that are just as thoughtful, and all for under $20. Check these out…


The ultimate vintage razor gift buying guide

Trying to figure out a gift for your partner/groomsmen/dad? How about a vintage shaving razor! They're eco-friendly, economical (both for you to buy and for the recipient purchase blades for), built-to-last, and damn cool!

Since my man is a huge shaving aficionado, I interviewed him to make a little guide for anyone who wants some pointers on buying a razor! I hope it's helpful…


Who? What? How? Seeking advice on holiday-time tipping

Growing up in New York City, I was vaguely aware that my parents "tipped" the doormen and the superintendent of my apartment building sometime around the end of December. Now as an adult newly living in a city in Texas, in a rental apartment complex, and I have no idea what I should do about holiday tipping… Who are these people we should be tipping? Should we be giving cash or gift cards? If so, how much? Should we be giving cookies? Should we just give a thank you/happy holidays card?