What's the deal with gender-neutral parenting?

In recent years, however, we’ve seen a trend come about: parents are now choosing to raise their kids in “gender neutral” ways, eliminating any preconceptions about what a child should like or not like based on the sex they’re assigned at birth, in varying degrees.


More exciting than being Superman: What it's like living as a closeted, trans, sex worker

I keep trying to come up with a snappy way to describe the experience of living a triple life, and I keep failing. For a while, I was telling new people that I was like a really boring version of Superman but that doesn't feel true either. I am "Legal Name," "Sullie," and a sex worker. In a single day, I might check five different emails, four Twitter accounts, two Tumblrs, and two Facebooks before I even get out of bed.


How my pink-loving son made me confront my weird gender biases

In our household, the lines of the past that steadfastly identified what was considered "man" and "woman" responsibilities were more opaque. It's not the easiest job in the world, but to be honest I felt pretty good about being what most people would label a "modern dad" and I wore that title like a badge of honor. My title was put to the test however the day my wife brought a particular hula monkey toy home for my son…