Let's geek out about going on a self-guided Pretty In Pink tour

I recently shot a wedding in LA and had the happy fortune of being able to stay with Megan (as in the Associate Publisher of the Empire) while in town. One night in the trip one of my all-time favorite movies Pretty in Pink came on today, and I mentioned that it would be OMG AMAZING if we could go on a tour of all the places in the movie. It turns out that's pretty easy to do… so we did it.


Lord of the Rings cable reel table

Cheryl Hellcat's grandpa turned a cable reel into a table. Then Cheryl turned the the cable reel table into a Lord of the Ring fan's dream piece of furniture.


5 ways to make fandom happen on the cheap

My husband and I are both nerdy. Between the two of us, our nerdy obsession list is quite long. Unfortunately, when you combine all the orgasmic merch available for each of these fandoms with our limited disposable income, you create a perfect storm for massive credit card debt. In order to practice self-restraint, these are the five tactics that we've come up with to protect our checking account as we grow our nerdy collections…


Get sexy (even geeky!) boudoir photos from Portland-based The Sensual Photographer

We've talked about boudoir photography over on Offbeat Bride with Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body. Much like the title implied, one of our plus sized Tribesmaids called her boudoir session "honestly the most liberating experience of my life." If you'd like to feel liberated yourself, celebrate the body you love, learn to love the body you have, or give the gift of your sexy-ass self to a special someone(s), you can do so at a special discount with our Oregon-based sponsor The Sensual Photographer.


Throw this Doctor Who wibbly wobbly timey changey party

My birthday party always falls on the same weekend as the time change, so I thought it would be fun to host a time-travel party. My guests were asked to dress as someone from their favorite era (early 21st century attire was totally fine) or as their favorite Doctor Who Character. I dressed like a Dalek.

Here's how I threw an awesome Doctor Who-themed birthday party with Whovian decor, favors, and food!