Geeks Raising Geeks: a website for any geek helping raise a child + $50 ThinkGeek giveaway

Calling all geeks currently parenting or kind-of-sort-of-maybe planning to parent in the future: there's a resource out there for you. Geeks Raising Geeks is your dream mix of GeekDad/GeekMom and Buzzfeed: they've got everything from providing inspiration for geeky-themed rooms to offering lessons on how to be a gentleman that they learned from Super Mario Brothers. I know, right?!


How to throw a Bill Murray party

If you follow Offbeat Home & Life on facebook, you may have seen that I was creating a Fantastic Mr. Fox costume for a Bill Murray-themed birthday party. Many of you asked to learn more about throwing a Bill Murray party. So I asked the birthday boy himself to let you in on the secrets to throwing a kick-ass Bill Murray party (is there any other kind of Bill Murray party?)…


A tiny, geeky, artsy, punk-y studio in Seattle

There are two big challenges here: storage room and tidiness. It's not a very big apartment — I think it clocks in at about 425 sq. ft., and it only comes with just the closet and some poorly arranged kitchen cabinets to contain all my stuff. So most of my furniture is for the storing of things because I can't live without making and surrounding myself with art.


Luke & Suzanne: from Muppet wedding to writing and grad school

The past three years for us can be summed up in one word: writing. I finished my doctorate at USC, recently accepted a job as an Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies at ASU, and I'm working on my transforming my dissertation into a book. Luke was accepted to the Clarion Writers Workshop last summer, and has been writing his first science fiction novel. Personally, things remain pretty much the same as pre-wedding. The bliss is now officially categorized as "marital," but we’re still living in Echo Park with our cat, Penny, and getting into spirited debates about all things geek culture.