Would you buy a replica of your favorite designer?

Let's face it: not everyone has the wallet to afford designer furniture. Every time I daydream (i.e. surf the internet) about the perfect egg chair, my heart ends up broken by the price tag. Every. Time. Well, not exactly every time. Not since I discovered the very interesting world of copies. Shhh, don't say it too loud. It's not allowed. It's bad, very bad. But is it, really?


Rainbowify your ugly old table with gift wrap

Check out my rainbow table — a DIY! My parents had some ugly old brown laminate-top table in the basement and said I could have it for the apartment. My mom had a great idea to cover it with some gift wrap she had leftover. We made it up as we went along and basically went with the principle that Mod Podge can do almost anything.


Make skull art with bookcases

This is the work of James Hopkins', who is a sculptor. I realize this is a piece of his art work, but it inspires me to go play around with my bookshelves to see what sort of subtle icons I could invoke…


7 picks perfect for tiny spaces from Design Public

I took a little stroll through Design Public this week to pick out a few high-design items for ogling. They have SO MUCH cute junk, and some especially great pieces for the space-crunched.

I picked out some artsy odds and ends, fun seating, great rugs, privacy ideas, and ways to organize that look pretty while they work. Let's shop!