Rescuing already-sprouted tulip bulbs

A spell of weirdly warm weather got me rummaging around in my little gardening closet, and I stumbled across something that would fill any home gardener with horror. I'd completely forgotten that I had bought a bunch of tulip and hyacinth bulbs late last summer.


Deer lawd — the easiest way to keep deer from eating your tulips

Here in the U.S., we have a lot of deer. So many in my area that we often see them chilling by the side of the road like it ain't no thing. And for those of you who grow flowers in your garden, you might know that they enjoy eating the fine delicacy that is your colorful tulips. Here's my favorite way to keep them from chowing down.


Chocolate dipped nasturtiums

Years ago, as a child, my mother and I grew nasturtiums and dipped the blossoms in chocolate. I didn't enjoy it much back then, as I didn't like the taste of them (tart, almost radish-y). But as an adult, I'm loving them.


Flower Muse has gifts for the hard-to-shop-for totally covered

All last week we brought you gift guides for the people on your holiday gift-buying lists. If you STILL haven't found that perfect thing for those special someones, our sponsor Flower Muse has the ULTIMATE holiday gift solution: FLOWERS! We're not talking the traditional poinsettia plants and evergreen wreaths that are everywhere. Flower Muse has some truly unique flower offerings for those hard-to-shop for folks on your list. AND they're offering them at a special discount for the Homies…