From mod to modern: '60s-era dresser makeover

Offbeat Homie Jessica — aka "Not Exactly Martha," aka the mastermind behind that bishop chair makeover — uploaded her newest makeover to our Flickr pool. This photo is just a little teaser for the impressive bright and mod dresser update. Seriously, it's impressive how a little paint can create such a drastic change such as this…


A "baskets!" hack for broken dresser drawers

Ever have a drawer malfunction on an awesome dresser? I have met that sad fate, and my faithful, trusty, and much loved dresser was out on the curb by end of day. Oh, if only I had half the brains of Offbeat Homie Tess, who totally had a "baskets!" moment with this dresser drawer makeover.


Paint your own ombre dresser drawers

Ombre — or having colors or tones that transition into one another other — is huge in the fashion world right now. This aesthetic can also be used in home decor, like with this ombre dresser.