Cooking Challenge Day 2 recipes: Brunch frittata and taco salad Tuesday!

I have a feeling that making this frittata is going to take me FOREVER, and it's going to be too big for just one Megan to eat on my own for breakfast. So we're going to make this recipe a two-fer: breakfast and lunch. Then, since it's Tuesday — the day the lord hath made for tacos — Jessica gave us her recipe for a meatless taco salad. Of course, feel free to use real meat, it'll taste just as delicious!


Good news, bad news, and therapy: Updates on the next Offbeat Home Cooking Challenge

This probably won't surprise any of those who were around for the first challenge, but I'm SUPER anxious, you guys! Last time, I didn't have to think about the challenge until it was plopped on my plate. This time I'm having a hand at making the menu and it's giving me all kinds of night terrors, knowing the fresh grocery shopping, cast iron skillet-buying, "what the fuck is chiffonade" hell that is to come.