Sweet rainbows: How to make your own colored sanding sugar

As a rainbow-loving lady, I'm always trying to add color to my confections. As a newly-diagnosed diabetic, I have to watch what I'm adding to sweet treats. This is a trick I've used to color sugar for topping cupcakes and candies many times, and it works for sugar substitutes, too!

Making your own sanding sugars lets you create just the right hue to add to your sweet rainbow and dragon, here, is going to show you how it's done.


How to make temporary art

One thing really makes a place look lived-in, and that's hanging art on the wall. It takes a commitment to put a nail into plaster to hang a picture, and seeing art you've committed to hanging immediately makes you feel in control of your space.

While you're waiting for art you love to come along, you can liven up a room with your own art — or your family's! Round up the necessities, and I'll meet you in the driveway for a seriously easy step-by-step guide to making art for your home you'll be proud of.


Neon: not just for '80s throwbacks any more!

I'll be surprised if you don't find these fluorescent design ideas titillating. I never thought I'd want to live in a world where fluorescent colors are a trend. It sounds like the bad parts of '80s style crawled out of whatever toxic sludge pit they retired to and attached themselves to 2012.

But the more walls and tschotchkies in hot pink and electric blue and peeing-Mountain-Dew yellow I see, the more excited I get.