The no-kill Christmas tree

My mom does not like cutting down trees, so she refuses to do traditional Christmas trees. She also hates plasticky stuff, so no fake trees. She's since developed a perfect no-kill Christmas tree. It's conical! It's solid! It smells delicious! Here's how she does it.


My "starting over" Christmas tree

Since my life completely changed over the summer when my marriage ended, I was left in a flurry of sadness and heartbreak. The saddest thing is that my anniversary is five days before Christmas. I was sure I was going to be depressed around the holidays again. So, I bought this small branch from a craft store, as well as a single ornament that I wrote the year on, a vase and filler pearls. I call it my "starting over tree."


Homie holiday decor: A peek into your homes

I put out the call for our Homies to send us their holiday decorations. Damnit, I want to see how y'all offbeat the holidays. And WOW did I get some amazing peeks into your homes. We've got alien-head tree-toppers, Mid-century Christmanukkah decor, beer ornaments, and trees that are both sideways AND upside down!


Makeshift ornaments personalize your tree on the cheap

This is my first Christmas away from home, and while my family suggested I bring some of their ornaments with me, I thought it would be nice to leave them there for their tree. When it came time to decorate, though, my partner and I realized we didn't have any sentimental crap for the tree at all. So how do you make a tree special when you haven't yet collected sentimental ornaments? You use the keepsakes you have around the house!