I turned a coffee table into a chalkboard canvas for my toddler

I love to encourage my little girl to draw and be creative as much as possible. I've looked into a lot of options for her, but wasn't very happy with what was available — besides, my daughter needs a BIG canvas. When my husband brought a pretty grody-looking coffee table home a few weeks ago, I ignored it until I realized what I could use it for — the coffee table could be transformed into a canvas for our kid.


A DIY alternative to a chalkboard wall

I’ve been wanting some sort of chalkboard in my son Jackson’s playroom for some time now — I just wasn’t sure what would work. The room was built to be a living room and has outlets everywhere. We have the baby-proofed, but the placement of the outlets blocked me from being able to just paint a chalkboard onto the walls.

When I discovered chalkboard spray paint exists, I knew just what I wanted to do…