How can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?

We have cats, which means our window screens have little tears here and there. Whenever we open the windows at night to cool the house down, we get eaten alive with mosquitoes slipping inside! Short of buying new window screens, how can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?


How can I help my cat settle in after our move?

My fiance and I have moved to a new apartment with our two cats. While one of our cats seems to have taken to it nicely, quickly finding his "spots" and settling in, the younger of the two, Tony, does not seem to be doing as well. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to helping pets relax after a move, specifically when there are large changes to the amount of people around? Has anyone else found something similar after moving their pets?Thanks in advance for your help!


Craigslist chair makeover (kitty-approved!)

Kristen took a $40 pair of Craigslist chairs that had CLEARLY seen better days and gave them a painted, glazed, and upholstered makeover that is so chic I couldn't believe it. Even MORE unbelievable — this was her first attempt at DIY re-upholstery! It's Home AND kitty approved for sure.


My cat is dumb and barfs a lot

My cat Oliver and I have been negotiating his troublesome eating habits. He often gets so excited about whatever I've just fed him that if I don't sit with him and force him to take digestion breaks every 30 seconds, he just HORFs down food and then HORKs it back up again — which is especially nasty now that I've begun feeding my cats organ meats for some meals. Re-barfed ground-up cow livers. MMMM.