The pros and cons of cedar kitty litter

About five months ago the hubby and I made a big switch for our fur-babies we had been contemplating for a while: from clay to cedar litter. We have discovered many things in this switch-up, and we would love to share some pros and cons with ya! Hope this helps any of you contemplating a switch to a more natural litter option.


My favorite holiday-time purchases made by YOU

I did a whole bunch of gift guides right around the time y'all were shopping for everyone on your list. Through the magic of our affiliate accounts, when you purchased something that you found on Amazon via Offbeat Home, we got to see those and all the other things you purchased along with it! And you guys were knocking my socks off with your funky finds. 'm talking octopodes, alligators, and time bombs for your kitchen, fort-making tools for kids, Hello Kitty for your face, and underwear for both you and your partner… at the same time. Let's have a peak…


My cat won't stop yowling

My cat howls at night. Every night. Without fail. I've tried many things to no avail. I would prefer to just put in earplugs and ignore him, which has been the only somewhat effective method, but my roommate won't, and my roommate is starting to hate both me and my cat. Please help me!