When life hands you pancakes, include BACON: maple bacon pancake bites

This is one of those recipes I'll haul out when I've got company coming over so I don't have to keep everyone waiting around for brekky: mini pancake bites I can make ahead of time. They taste pretty awesome cold or warmed up. Make some with good ol' bacon for your meat-eating friends and another batch without for your veggie friends. They're easy to make, so feel free to make a ton and swap in new mix-ins.


Easy French crêpes for sweet or savoury meals

While February 2nd is known as Groundhog Day in North America. In Europe, we don't have groundhogs (or Bill Murray), but an old pagan-turned-Christian celebration. In France, it is called Chandeleur, aka Pancake Day! Everyone, Christian or not, rejoices in stuffing themselves out with crêpes (French-style pancakes). Now we don't need excuses to eat pancakes all year long (and we certanly do), so here's my recipe…


Cooking Challenge Day 4 results: The dog ate my homework, and the great pepper debacle of 2014

You know, when I started this challenge, I was worried that it wouldn't be difficult enough for me. Bwahahahaha. Oh hubris. Look at me — I make one salad several times week on my own and I think I'm a fucking master chef. But I forgot that I'm rotten luck in the kitchen. As you can tell by my videos, I spend as much time dropping things and searching for wayward ingredients as I do actually being competent. That's why the Day Four's breakfast's disaster was NOT surprising, but totally disheartening…