Check out what Meagan Moore is making with reclaimed paper from the backs of old books

Our sponsor Meagan Moore's new series is called "endpapers," because each drawing could be the last page of a story. As she puts it, "It's up to you to decide what came before." The original pieces are drawn and typed on blank, reclaimed paper from the backs of old books. (It just keeps getting more and more awesome, right?) Homies, you have no idea how awesome it can get. Come take a peek, pick your faves, and then take advantage of her special upgrades just for us Homies!


My top 4 inspirational female characters

I wanted to take a minute to appreciate some of the fictional women I grew up with whose creators dared to make them different. The ones that I could relate to. The bad-ass women who didn't just let life happen to them — they happened right back to life…


DIY bookends made from cement and toys

I'm not over the cement trend, and I'm certainly not over the toys-as-decor trend. So, I put them together in a functional DIY. I made a few of these dinosaur cement bookends! You could make one, or a pair. Here's how…


Becoming an indie publishing house is effing amazing, and not as hard as it looks

Did you work on your novel this NaNoWriMo? Wondering what to do with your masterpiece now? I teamed up with my author-husband as his editor and publisher on his first novel and I'm ready to share everything we learned along the way with my fellow Offbeat Homies. Whether you've just finished your opus or just got a really good start, here's how to take the next steps and publish your own novel.