Bird nerds, swan hugs, and poop: Why I love volunteering at a wild bird rehab

My passion and knowledge for all things avian increased over time, but the "bird nerd" tipping point came during a cross-country road trip. On a windy Florida beach I held a brown pelican while a fisherman removed a hook from its wing. Despite numerous incredible animal experiences that include bathing elephants and swimming with wild dolphins, manatees, and whale sharks, my interaction with this pelican deeply moved me. I became determined to get involved in bird rescue and rehabilitation.


Get your cute baby bird fix with a glass bird house

I got a mini high the other day from spotting a birds nest complete with adorable baby birds chirping for food. But, to get a good look at them I had to stand precariously on a lawn chair and peak up under the eaves of a my grandmother's portico. Not easy bird gawking. You know what DOES make for easy bird gawking? Window view birdhouses!