Four things that help my ex and I happily co-parent

We are both kids from divorced families, and we both realized that we should both be equally and amiably involved in our daughter's life to raise a happy and secure child as best we could with the circumstances. We take her to dinner together a few times a month, spend holidays together, and try to make sure she knows that even though we are in two separate houses, we are still a family and still her mommy and daddy.

My daughter is building a relationship with the mother I grew up without

Last weekend I watched my nine-year-old daughter Francesca swim in the Hudson River with my mother. This would not have been a remarkable event if I had ever gone swimming with my mother as a child. Or listened to her read bedtime stories or felt her lips on my cheek or watched her eyes widen in delight as I presented her with a hand-made Mother's Day card. I didn't do any of these things with my mother because I didn't meet her until I was a junior in college.

The importance of discussing WHY you're homeschooling your kids with them

Yesterday while I was tending to a plumbing problem my kids were doing their homeschooling. My older son was in my line of sight quietly reading in his bedroom. He looked up from Lord of the Flies to ask me when I read the book (he knew from a prior conversation that I'd read it). I said it was about three years ago, or maybe four. He asked why I didn't read it in school. I called my eleven-year-old upstairs and said I had something to explain they should know. My kids have never been to school and they don't really know how it all works, ranging from the daily goings on of the students and the big picture issues.