The Dungeons: my Professor Snape-inspired office

Eight years ago, I moved into my current home. That was when I began putting together my unusual office, a small space filled to bursting with books, curiosities and Professor Snape collectibles. It is also whimsically known as "the dungeons."

I think of the room as a collage of sorts, a work of art, a sanctuary. I love arranging objects in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and finding ways to cram yet more of them in every nook and cranny. I love jars, and bugs, and memento mori… I love things that belong to a more genteel age: quills, ink wells, hourglasses, Oriental carpets.


Un-bedside tables for book storage

Dear Offbeat Home,

My name is Cat. I have a problem.

I cannot stop buying books. I also do not take much time to read books. I have a pile of more than a dozen in-progress books.

I have to believe that if I kept my books in an easy-to-access and organized manner, I'd give them more love. Right now my bedside table is an upended suitcase — a failed attempt to turn it into a cat bed. No storage, and not pretty. To solve my problem, I've been fantasy shopping for an un-bedside table. As I see it, here are my options.