Turn your bathroom into a miniature art gallery

Like it or not, the lavatory is a place in which we all spend quite some time. Sometimes even long stretches. Sure, a magazine might help to pass the time, but what if you've read every article twice already? In our toilet room, there is still plenty to look at, because I've turned it into a miniature art gallery, using nothing but postcards and some picture frames.


Little Fly Studios wants to make MOAR offbeat works of custom art, just for you

We love creating a family of offbeat sponsors. Some of you may remember the gorgeous ketubah (pictured above) when it was featured in a wedding on Offbeat Bride a few years ago. Readers went nuts over the artwork in the comments, and it turns out it was created by the bride's mother, Wendy Blevins. Since then, Wendy has branched out and is now offering her artistic talents to everyone via her business Little Fly Studios.

Let's all look at some custom artwork examples (including a portrait of Ariel!), and support a creative family member of an Offbeat Empire reader while getting a special discount.