My dog has separation anxiety. Halp?

I need help. I have absolutely no idea how to calm down my dog that has separation anxiety. Our cat and other dog are his best friends and they stay home with him, so it's not like he's totally alone. Can any offbeat homies help me with my dog's separation anxiety? Someone tell me there's hope beyond medicating him.


The shy person's guide to large parties

Large parties are rife with what I call "fringe friends" — strangers, distant family, or people you don't know intimately. You might get invited to (or asked to organize) a wedding, reunion, baby shower, barbecue, work function, or camping trip. If you're shy, this can be a source of anxiety instead of fun. Large parties prove difficult for those who are shy, and are a true challenge for the introverted host.

Here's what has worked for me when hosting and socially navigating large parties.