My son, the elephant: Fostering an elephant in Africa

There was one Disney character that touched me so deeply, ruined me so wholly, that the effects are still in place today. I refer to Dumbo, the big-eared elephant. As an adult, I began to research the plight of elephants in captivity — in particular, those in circuses. Overwhelmed by the callousness and cruelty, and feeling powerless, I also researched ways I could help. This is how I came to foster a baby elephant.


I hate my career choice. Now what?!

What do you do when the career you worked for YEARS to break into turns out to be the wrong career choice for you? Quit? Work while you search for something else? Resign yourself to your fate? Our Homie needs your career advice!


DIY geeky fish tank decor

You've had to cut back on your spending and can't justify buying the cheesy plastic plants at the pet store at such exuberant prices, knowing they are bought from China for pennies. Not to mention the possible pollutants you might put in your tank from poorly made décor not meant for underwater conditions with life. Plus they just aren't your style or taste, and well — you just can't find any premade tank items that are. Well I'm here to tell you, it can be done safely, and with everyday nerdy items you have around your house! And all you need is hot glue gun and maybe a small clear epoxy kit for aquariums.


Give your cat a hideaway under a chair

I'm pretty cat-obsessed, so this little item has made it to the top of my wish list. My two cats each have their own chair that they perch under to keep them safe from whatever they think might harm them (see: nothing). But that's how cats are, and why the Cat Crib is so flippin' awesome.


Let's drool over vintage-inspired pet products

I'm constantly virtually shopping. I freaked out when I discovered a wonderful world of vintage-style pet products, along with toys that just cracked my shit up, AND pet-specific home decor items as a special treat for you pet owners.


How to prepare for a pet emergency you hope never happens

Two weeks ago, we had a healthy, happy cat. And then, she abruptly died. Little Cat walked over, sat in front of us, and started a rasping heave. Something seemed weird; we knew it wasn't a normal cat barf; we knew we needed to get to a vet, or do CPR or something. We were panicking, and we didn't know what to do. the fact is, emergencies happen and it sucks no matter what, but being a little more prepared would have helped us feel slightly less out-of-control. So, go pet your furry buddy, hold her close, and then read the six things I wish we had done.