Spike your summer watermelon for a booze-y summer treat

Photo courtesy of Sweet Paul.
Summer! It fast approaches, and they're is nothing better than eating watermelon on a hot day. Except for when it's spiked with lime flavored vodka! Head over to the Sweet Paul blog and get the instructions on how booze-up your watermelons.

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  1. Ahhh, boozy watermelon. Those were the good old days. Also a fave? Pineapple chunks soaked in coconut rum.

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  2. We've done this before by simply cutting a hole in the melon and sticking a bottle of vodka right in it. Sit back and watch the vodka slowly disappear into the melon. Delish!

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  3. This is a summer tradition that my favorite aunt and I indulge in annually. We also make something that has been called "Yukaflux" for as long as I can remember. Basically you half fill a clean cooler with cut up fruit of every variety (although I don't recommend bananas) and then pour whatever alcohol you have in the house over top of it (it's a great way to empty all those half-bottles, LOL) and leave it marinate overnight. It's sort of like sangria I guess, but it tastes different every time, since you just add whatever you have. It's a real hit at weekend backyard parties. You can also make a kid-friendly recipe by using orange and pineapple juice instead of alcohol.

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    • It sounds like a Flaming Moe. Only without the fire and the cough syrup. 😉

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