7 picks perfect for tiny spaces from Design Public

April 27 |

I took a little stroll through Design Public this week to pick out a few high-design items for ogling. They have SO MUCH cute junk, and some especially great pieces for the space-crunched.

I picked out some artsy odds and ends, fun seating, great rugs, privacy ideas, and ways to organize that look pretty while they work. Let's shop!

(Or at least window shop. I know lots of this stuff is way out of lots of our prices ranges.)

Need privacy in your too-close-to-the-neighbors dining room window? How many of you have the classic window-in-the-shower? This pretty floral window cling softens light and makes privacy pretty.

I spotted little animal pillows like this in an Iowa City indie store and fell in love. LOVE I SAY! They're like stuffed animals, all grown up. Buy a squirrel, make it your own.

The Fatboy Original is a mad big bean bag for a sweet low price. I have looked up my share of adult-oriented beanbag chairs, and $329 (free shipping!) is a great price for a large bag.

Good-looking rugs are hard to find. I found you one good-looking rug! Seed rug, 8' round.

Dormers and small-space livers, stash your crap in a multi-pocket wall organizer.

Vitra Algue is a designer privacy screen — snap together 25 pieces, over a balcony, up a wall, or between functional living zones and play around with space.

A corner-set food tray keeps your fruit and veg accessible, visible, and easy to grab!

  1. I love the fruit holder, but at $125, oofdah! I'll keep it on my wish list all the same.

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  2. These are some lovely items and ideas!

    Expensive? Sure. Maybe we all can't easily afford 100% of items listed on this site, but we can all gather ideas and find decorating inspiration…who cares if the vendor is expensive? Just enjoy the stuff for what it is.

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  3. We had that cling stuff on the window in our bathroom at my parent's place, I always thought it was so neat ­čÖé and we moved in to that place back in 1985, nice to see that it's still around! I always liked how it diffused the light so nicely <3

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