Books to read in bed: Polysexual romantic fiction

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I'm reading a terrible book.

Well, I'm actually reading two really good, meaty non-fiction books: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life and The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. But neither of these books are the kind of thing you can read before falling asleep, and I really enjoy reading myself to sleep… so I needed some fluffy fiction.

In thinking about what I wanted, I recalled what a friend said at the first meeting of our book club last year. Everyone was all, "I like magical realism" "Oh, well I like suburban ennui" "Yes, well I'm into historical fiction" bla bla. And we get to Tim, and he's all, "I like books with sex in them."

Of course everyone had to take off their English major hats and be like "Wait wait, me too! I change my answer!" So yes: we all like books with sex in them. (And by "sex" I mean "consensual enjoyable sex," and not just sexual assault that's used to motivate revenge or other plot points.")

Anyway, so I decided I wanted some light reading that had sex in it, and realized… I think this means I want to read a romance novel. But ew: romance novels? I'm not at ALL interested in the bodice ripper "big strong man, docile female" dynamic that many romance novels focus on, so I went off on a hunt for something different.

My search lead me to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which is exactly what it sounds like. From there, I poked around in their reviews looking for something that I was describing to myself as "intelligent feminist polysexual romantic fiction." Despite this tiny niche of a genre, I FOUND SOMETHING!

It's got a terrible title (Butterfly Tattoo), but it's a romance novel about a career woman who falls for a hunk who's mourning his dead husband. I'm not going to say it's super intelligent, but there are a lot of explorations of grief (so not totally brainless), the woman is smart and driven (so somewhat feminist) and the bisexual widower angle fills the polysexual checkbox, so I'mma say success!

It's still a romance novel, which means it's still sort of terrible in its formula and writing style. But the eBook cost $5, and it goes down easy — LIKE A BISEXUAL WIDOWER.

So now I must know, Homies: what sexy books are YOU reading in bed?

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