Star Trek and Star Wars sent up in stained glass

May 14 |

Homies, meet AidanT, stained glasser of your nerdy fantasies.

Image courtesy AidanT.

His DeviantArt account has photos of his geeky stained glass designs. The Star Trek emblem is TOTALLY my favorite, but if you're a nerd of a different flavor, he also reps the Tardis, Boba Fett…and several more homages to the Trek. Click through for more of his portfolio.


  1. The link to Boba Fett is a clone trooper, which while still a clone of Jango Fett is not Boba.

    Nerdy corrections aside, TOTALLY AWESOME!!

    1 agrees
  2. Holy crap this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! How can I buy these?! Please tell me I can buy these!!

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