The most psychedelically blissed out nursery you've ever seen


When Ariel forwarded me the photos of Cassandra's wondrously psychedelic nursery, (which she found on SaucyDwellings) I just about swooned and died. One before the other, but still. Look at this:

This is HAND PAINTED. Siiigh.

Doesn't that just SCREAM "Hey, you, wonderful child, come live in this room! And be happy! All the time!" I think it does.

The view from the hallway is to die for! If I were a baby, I would be so pumped when my parents brought me home to live here. I mean, neon skies and deer? A funky owl perched in a tree blooming purple flowers? Yes, please.
This is the shot that sold me! Wooden rocking chair, photos of Mom & Dad, day-glo owls cuddled close short, my dream bedroom wall. I would like Eve to come paint my entire apartment, please.
This may be a bold statement, but I have a feeling that bad dreams are virtually impossible when your crib is this brilliant.
Just when you think it can't possibly get any better, it DOES.

Seriously, though. Go drool over the rest of the set on Flickr, and also check out Eve's new home and design blog, Modachrome Home.

    I'm not nearly this talented, but I would love to do something like this for my daughter's "big girl" room.
    This is gorgeous!

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  2. Is it weird that I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes over this nursery? There isn't one thing I don't love about it.

  3. They did a whole nursery extravaganza over at SaucyDwellings, where I first saw this amazing room. A lot of the others were fantastic too – provided lots of inspiration for this expecting robot mom!

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  4. This is…Amazing.Wonderful.Phenonminal…What word could describe this room?? I'm completely in love with it. Completely.

  5. Holy effing hell, that's my haven. I may or may not ­čśë currently be pregnant with an acid lovechild.. I LOVE the crap out of this nursery!!

    I also noticed that the green walls outside the nursery is the same green that covers most of our house. Hells yeah!

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