Common questions about advertorials

Where exactly do offbeat advertorials appear?

Your advertorial appears as a post on the homepage of, in-line with quality editorial content read by thousands of daily readers. As the advertorial ages, it moves down the homepage like a regular blog post, moving into the paginated archives after approximately one week.

In addition to appearing on the website, your advertorial is also pushed out to:

Are your advertorial rates monthly? How long will my business be on the site?

Rates for advertorial campaigns that stays on the site forever. With advertorials, you'll receive the most clicks during the first week as your post moves down the homepage. After that time, your advertorial moves onto the second page of the site, but it will remain in the archives forever. Advertorials are never deleted from the site, which means readers can always find them.

Who writes advertorials?

We do, which is part of the cost of the advertisement. We treat our advertisers like PR clients, and offer our copywriting services as part of the advertising package. Ariel has over a decade of experience as an award-winning copywriter and web marketer for industry giants like, Disney, and Microsoft, and applies these techniques to your post. You give us the keywords you want linked, and tell us what features and benefits of your goods or services you want us to touch on. We then write the post about your product.

Do I get to approve the advertorial text before it's posted?

Nope. That's the "editorial" part of advertorial. We promise to hit on all the keywords, features, and benefits you specify, but we do so in our own words, in our own way. In four years of advertorials, we've yet to have a client who's unhappy with the post!

Can you help me figure out a fun offbeat promotion to go with my advertorial?

Sure. We've helped advertisers do everything from promotional offbeat discounts all the way to co-sponsored contests.

Can I do a giveaway as part of my advertorial?

Absolutely! Linking to a giveaway on advertiser's website is a great way to give our clients a huge traffic spike. That said, we do not administer any giveaways — we promote/link to a giveaway on your own website, funneling potential clients to your site. We do not run giveaways that involve entrants leaving comments on our site.

Can I do multiple advertorials?

Yep. Although the post is archived forever on the site, you're welcome to run additional advertorials with updated information, new promotions, etc.

Will the links to my site be followed by search engines?

No. We respect Google's stance on paid links and use "nofollow" links in all our sponsored advertorial posts. This ensures that neither our site nor yours gets penalized for any perceived SEO rule-breaking. Trust us, you want to make sure Google knows we're being cool about our links. Here's more information from Google about avoiding perceived linking schemes.