Photos of a sunshine-filled pregnant-belly-decorating paintfest

I'm more than obsessed with these photos by the photography and logo design biz that is Velvet Owl Photography. Whoever thought the best way to celebrate the impending birth of a child would be to throw paint at one another in a field is a winner in my book. I'm personally hoping it a was a team effort, and that this kiddo is born with a streak of yellow or orange running through his or her hair.

All photos by Velvet Owl Photography.

This is like… my dream photo session. It's perfect for maternity, but also for… anything and everything else.
Ahhh painted baby bump! Cute cute cute.
Yes, more sweet kissing action in case you missed it the first time.
Oh, just some more winning at life happening right now.
Now we're gonna get all deep on ya.
He was totally kidding also.
Wait… you want me to kiss it now? AAAND scene!

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  1. They look like the funnest parents ever! I can't wait to see family shots! What a cute idea.

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  2. I am so incredibly in love with this! I'm 31 weeks right now and have been looking for maternity picture inspiration. I MAY have just found it… it's fantastic, thank you for sharing!!!

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  3. Ohmagah, cutest EVER!
    *eying the handprints on the boobies wondering if anyone else sees it, but DUH obviously these two do 'it' because how else could she get that way?*
    Ahem. 😀

    1 agrees

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