Indigo's woodsy-natury-hippie baby photos

Some of you may remember Alexandra's rainbow-themed baby shower from a few weeks ago — who could forget that incredible-looking rainbow cake? Luckily for me (and you!), Alexandra lives in my city! Along with my friend/biz partner Ashley, I was recently able to snap a few photos of Alexandra and her daughter, Indigo.

IMG_8419 copy
All photos by White Rabbit Studios.

IMG_7910 copy
This is one of my favorites! She has the most beautiful eyes.


IMG_7916 copy
Indigo kept accidentally catching a flower between her toes. We got it out for her, but not before snapping this!

IMG_8376 copy


IMG_8388 copy


IMG_8393 copy
Let's play find the baby!

IMG_8414 copy

IMG_8423 copy

You can see more at the White Rabbit Studios blog!

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  1. Gorgeous! How did you get her to be so good for the shoot?! We've done 2 sessions with my baby (at 2 weeks and 3 weeks) and both were exhausting. I thought I did everything right.. Fed him, kept him awake so he'd be sleepy for the shoot, kept him swaddled between takes…. How'd you do it? πŸ™‚

    • I guess I don't know why keeping a baby awake so they will be sleepy–and therefore fussy with the clothes and the moving around for poses and the "you're not cuddling me and I'm not curled up and asleep"–would be effective.

      1 agrees
  2. Wow! What awesome new mom porn; these pics are very madonna and child with that intense lighting and sweet faces.

    1 agrees
  3. OMG! This is THE best photo shoot I have EVER seen in MY ENTIRE life! Seriously. WOAH. Can you read my excitement?! Of course I would love the bohemianess….HER outfits were gorgeous and the photography is wonderful. They look so happy.

  4. just got a huge wave of calm and peace looking at those photos. thank you. they are beautiful πŸ™‚

  5. Totally gorgeous! After I saw your photographs of your baby shower I decided to throw my own rainbow theme! Thanks for inspiring me! Such a pretty little girl you have. Beautiful photos yet again lady. Keep it up!

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