Customized organic lipbalm for your lips' happiness from Kustom Kissers

January 6 |
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New sponsor Kustom Kissers mixes up batches of personalized lip balm designed to your specifications. Obviously, for those of you who are Offbeat Bride cross-overs, these are a no-brainer for wedding gift bags — but there are so many non-wedding ways to put these babies to good use.

Craft night activity

Maybe you have make nights with your family — or a stitch and bitch with friends — but Kustom Kissers ALSO offers a kit full of fun add-ons: get five customizable balms for $15.

Housewarming gifts

Lip balm is a constant source of drama in our house. Many people in our circle of friends rely upon IMMEDIATE and THOROUGH application of lip balm no less than every 15 minutes. They are also prone to losing things. For a bunch of adults we have an inordinate number of complete meltdowns when someone at a party CAN NOT FIND LIP BALM.

We'd be saved forever if someone gave us a happy housewarming! basket of 20 Kustom Kissers. It may sound crazy, but buying 15 nail clippers solved all family fights — I think Kustom Kissers could do the same. Add a cute photo of the honored roommates or text about happy wishes at the new address for max awesome.

Party favors

For spa parties! Spin the bottle parties! For God only KNOWS parties! Lip balm can be very important for raging party self-care.

Marketing takeaways

Selling at craft fairs? Got a consulting business? Trying to sell your house or sublet an apartment? What a clever takeaway to remind people of that cool shit your do or of how AMAZING they would feel living in your space.

By the way? Kustom Kissers' Heather is kind of adorable. From her website:

Heather lives in Phoenix, and her business was born out of a crafty girl's life-long obsession with lip balm. As a child, she was ecstatic to find Lip Smackers in her Christmas stocking each year. She has since sampled nearly every brand of lip balm available before deciding that an all-natural, organic formula was not only good for her, but had the smoothest texture and yummiest taste.

Then, of course, she had to make it pretty and share with the rest of the world.

I tested her website for you and the process is easy as can be. Pick your lip balm need and order now!

  1. Meh… anyhoo. These look great! I wish I had known about them sooner; they'd make great Ital-mas gifts. We're celebrating tonight and tomorrow so maybe next year! Happy Rasta Christmas!

  2. This sounds excellent for people with chappy lips like me (right now I'm wondering if it's worth getting up the couch to get my lip balm upstairs or not… couch is winning.)
    Thanks for having this fantastic company posted here!

    1 agrees
  3. Darn, they contain avocado oil. You wouldn't think so, but having an avocado allergy or intolerance can get pretty tricky. Especially if you like natural or organic products. I don't fault them for using it, it's a great ingredient, just not for me. Bummer, it looked like fun.

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