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Oh Instagram, how I love thee. For a while I was keeping up Offbeat Home's Instagram account, and then, when it kind of became a deadzone in the #offbeathome hashtag, I stopped checking and updating. I mean, I'm a blogger not an Instagramer! But that changes this week…

I'm dusting off Offbeat Home's long-dormant Instagram account with fresh content from me, and you! Yup, if you want to get involved (or just keep me entertained) tag your own 'grams with #offbeathome. I'd love to start sharing some of your decor, lives, and offbeat finds!

So, if you haven't already, come follow us on Instagram!

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  1. I'm about to move after a big minimalist purge so I will so be involving this account! Yay.

  2. I started following a while back and was really excited to see the account more active lately! I always dig the kooky Megan finds on the blog, looking forward to seeing some on the Ig account. Woot!

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  3. Really super stoked on this. It's about time we got the Offbeat Home insta account woken back up!

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