Offbeat Home summer mini break!

Jealous of Kate's amazing camp site
My home on Bainbridge Island.

Right now, as most of you are reading these words, I am taking a mini Summer (and omg 31st birthday!) break with Ariel at her mother's amazing bed & breakfast/eco-retreat space, Sacred Groves. And guess what, Homies… sometimes blogs need a Summer break too.

So this week Offbeat Home is taking a little mini break. Kinda like that time Offbeat Bride took a vacation and Ariel wore a big hat. Only this time, since we don't want to leave our Homies bereft of posts, we'll be doing one post a day (mayyybe two if some of you hip us to your awesome projects). Oh, and all the while, do me a favor and imagine me wearing an even bigger hat.

In the meantime, the Empire will be scheming and dreaming up more Offbeat Home content, and we'd REALLY like your help. Like the rest of the Empire, Offbeat Home is a community site. Unlike the rest of the Empire, our readers submit very few guestposts. We're counting on you to turn that beat around! Basically, don't suck like Ariel:

Don't suck like Ariel.
Click here to stop sucking and start submitting.
  1. Enjoy your time off! Also, if you havent done so yet, check out She's a new york artist who makes amazing sweater coats and costumes. She just uploaded pictures of her home onto her website, and it's absolutely incredible. I've been drooling over it all week.

  2. I have been dying to submit a home tour and now that we are getting our house soon I can!!! Yeah!!! Enjoy your break!!

  3. Now that I am fully moved into my new apartment, I plan to submit a few things… I never have before, but I have some ideas. Your summer mini break sounds lovely, I hope you have a great time!!

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  4. After this wedding is done, you better believe I'll submit another guest post!

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  5. I need to finish the makeovers that I'm giving my blanket box and dining table before I can submit pictures of them, but once they're done you can bet I'll want to brag about it.

  6. Have a good break!
    I'll try to come up with a post- I get so much out of the site it seems fair to try to give back!

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  7. I'm moving into an attic apartment with a turett September 1st. Expect a home tour once it is set up.:)

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  8. If I ever get to move out of my broom closet, across the planet and into the house I am furnishing by remote from my seat here in the big chair at Command Central *rolleyes*, I'll definitely give guest posting a go. Right after I locate my shiny, new husband who I suspect is going to "disappear" any day now to avoid further excursions to New Hampshire to collect second hand homewares on my behalf. My instincts tell me I'll find him deep in backlands of Alaska because he knows I'm scared of bears and wilderness.
    Have a great holiday! We'll all still be here when you get back you LUCKY, LUCKY gals!

    • screw that, show me how you live in your broom closet! you're probably already a space-saving wizard and don't even know it ;D
      (or possibly you're SOME OTHER KIND OF WIZARD who lives in a closet under some stairs?)

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      • LOL! Oh how I wish there was space saving wizardry going on or even any kind of wizardry at all really. At this point it's more like a transcontinental, multi space version of an episode of Hoarders and there's no way I'm sharing that with the world! I just WISH I had the skills of the bespectacled one.

  9. Oh thank goodness. We recently had some sudden medicalrelated issues at home, and I have gotten way behind on my offbeat home reading. This will allow me to catch up! 🙂 And once we finish putting pictures on the walls (it's been over a year and we still haven't done that), or once we finish building our doghouse, I will definitely be submitting!

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