No Tengo Miedo Clay: not your grandma's pottery (unless she's into vintage gothic magicness)

March 1 |
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Photo by Anna Jones
Photo by Anna Jones

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I've been lucky to work directly with Amanda, owner of our sponsor No Tengo Miedo Clay, at our local indie craft fair. Every month I see people flock to her booth and buy her crazy beautiful pieces of art. It's not hard to see why: the collection of pieces are unlike anything else.

Amanda's ceramics are so unusual because of her carefully-crafted technique (you can see her talk about it in this video). She combines stamping, screenprinting and other techniques with softly colored glazes and text to make her macabre, vintage-y works.

And she's offering a launch week discount for Offbeat Homies! Keep reading for more info.

Click on any of these photos to jump straight to No Tengo Miedo's Etsy shop.

Most No Tengo Miedo pieces are both functional and decorative, so they can be used and admired. Perfect example? This cake stand:

And brides? Can you picture your wedding cake on this stand? RIGHT??

Amanda can craft a super-customized piece for your particular text, colors, or imagery. Visit her gallery to see more of her lovely variety of pieces.

No Tengo Miedo Clay is giving Offbeat readers 20% off — use the code OFFBEATHOME!

If you are alive out there, you're in love with Amanda's ceramics. I know. I feel you. Get yo'self some from No Tengo Miedo Clay.

  1. Oh my! I just want to fill my entire dishes cabinet with all her pieces! These are amazing.

  2. Totally just bought the key to my heart ring bowl and two custom letter mini bowls as a bridal shower gift. SO AWESOME!

    • ummm I totally just bought the nosferatu and skeleton twin plates for myself. Lol I found some goth-y candle holders at a yard sale in the woods last week they will look soooo cool displayed with!

  3. That is so cool!!! My cousin is from Ames and she's getting married. That Iowa bowl may be hers someday….shhhhh…

  4. Wow. Just wow. Will be going through them all with the husband later and no doubt picking something out. Beautiful!

  5. I'm working with Amanda to create a custom cake stand right now!!! Bright blue, birds, and the words "let them eat cake…or brownies. Or cupcakes – oh hell, just eat."
    So stoked!!!!

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