Great idea of the day: Use bottles and jars to organize your necklaces

I know you're always looking for new and efficient ways to store your jewelry, and until now we've only featured ways to organize and display 'em. But what if you don't want to keep all of your jewelry out on display? This great idea comes from Becky who uses bottles to separate and organize her necklaces. She explains:

I use 2ml bottles to tame my necklaces. Then they all get tossed in a mason jar on a bathroom shelf.

Bonus great idea:

She keeps one end of the necklace out of the bottle so it doesn't get tangled up, and securing it using the cork.

I also like the apothecary look that all the grouped glass storage jars provide.

  1. Personally, I like cute using sushi bowls (like the ginger bowl or sushi plate) for my jewellery. There are so many pretty patterns that I tend to buy them up, but they don't get used for sushi. Leave them beside sinks or bed stands, so every time you need to take rings and so on off, they have a pretty home (and you won't loose them).

    • I actually do that in my bedroom. But my jewelry tends to get tangled. Thinking little jars in my dish would be cool!

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