Completely awesome, eco-friendly, handmade playhouses from Miss Pretty Pretty

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The Basic Bungalow by Miss Pretty Pretty.
The playhouses created by Etsy shop owner Miss Pretty Pretty aren't simply the most amazing playhouses ever created — they're freakin' perfect. In fact, I'm considering breaking my lease and setting up a homestead in one of these if we can all fit inside. I mean, seriously, $100 for a eco-friendly playhouse? I'm sold.

Miss Pretty Pretty also offers insanely adorable tents, such as this flowered Clothes Line Tent (complete with cut-outs in the center of the flowers, which are perfect for photo ops!). Each of the playhouses are handmade (using eco-friendly felt created from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles) and personalized, and designed to last. They're perfect for encouraging imaginative play for children of all ages — including moms and dads! Need a nap space all your own, or even a place to just be? Hop into the playhouse and chill for a while.

But you know the BEST part? If you're inspired but more of a DIY type, Miss Pretty Pretty provides the blueprints for her playhouses — so you can muster up your creative skills and make your own dang house.

And wait until you see some of these playhouses — LIBRARY playhouse, anyone?

Of course, being the mother of a boy, as soon as I saw the word "playhouse" I immediately had to see what kind of gender situation we have going on here. Happily, none of the playhouses are terribly gendered — the King's Castle Card House would be a good option for a family with a son who are wary of hearts and flowers, but I think both girls and boys would happily play in any and all of the houses.

If you're not feeling one of the ready-to-ship houses, Miss Pretty Pretty happily accepts custom orders! As you can see in the custom houses gallery, this is truly where Miss Pretty Pretty's creativity shines — these are ingenious in design and decor:

Love camping? With this playhouse, your kid(s) can pretend they're camping all the time. Win!
The Library playhouse is EASILY my favorite, but I'm biased--our family loves the library in reality, so a library playhouse sounds perfect to my ears!
Got a green thumb that you want your son or daughter (or both!) to inherit? Seems like a vegetable garden playhouse would be perfect!
Looking for a toddler or young child-friendly haunted house? Set one up in your backyard!

What are you waiting for? Miss Pretty Pretty is already getting booked out weeks in advance, and Christmas is coming … so for the love of all things amazing and inspired, place your order!

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  1. I think I'd turn some of them inside out, like the ocean or library. Or maybe have it cusom made to have images on both sides.

  2. Ummm…so cool. I see the words "THIS PLAYHOUSE CAN BE REMOVED, FOLDED, AND STORED IN SMALL SPACES!!! I even include a matching fabric bag to store it in." on her Etsy page…so I'm in love. What could be a more perfect option for apartment dwellers (and other who live in small spaces without a yard)? Nothin'.

    I know my kid isn't due for 2 more months…but that doesn't mean I need to wait to get one, right?? 🙂

  3. Hey, it's Julie here, I am the one who makes these playhouses! They are custom made to fit over card tables (folding tables) which are generally between 34"-38" square, but they can also be custom made to fit ANY table, like your kitchen table or dining room table.

  4. I found these a couple weeks ago just by chance! I wish I had the funds to buy one right now but hopefully soon! They are amazing!!! I really want the castle one!!!!

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