See a pastel mod apartment and use your scanner to make art

August 22 |

Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Let's get the week going with a look at what's been going on in the world of our readers, taken from the Offbeat Home Flickr group.

Blythe Cushions
I know some of y'all are Blythe doll fans, so when I found Janie's photo of her Blythe-y throw pillows and leafy wallpaper, I knew we needed it.
New paintings in my living room.
I'm hunting down Peggy to convince her to give us a tour of her pastel Mondrian apartment.
Wiggly, wiggly earthworm! He narrowly avoided my trowel in the garden last week.

Chandelier (Time for a Change)
LolliePatchouli's chandelier is customizable -- these leaflets came from an old atlas, and are picture perfect.
hand scans
SMART art idea from LeahMedia. Scan your hand -- or cat, or whatever -- print it out and slip it in a document frame.
playmobil people
Didn't someone out there mention they have a thing for Playmobil? These belong to Lynn-Anne Bruns.
So NOT cool's post cracked me up when it slipped into my stream last week. The post was simply captioned, This has become less like a household journal and more of a tomato blog. I hear you.
BAM goes the summer mural by Mareike Scharmer.

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  1. Earth worms are great and I don't get squeamish easily, but I gotta say… that .gif skeeves me out just the tiniest bit!

  2. Why I love Offbeat Home: every single image in this post is 100% inspiration for me!

  3. Much easier/cheaper toothpaste squeezer: When you get the tube, make sure to start at the bottom. When you get a bit of space, use a binder clip to hold the bottom and make sure you get as much out of the tube as possible. Not as pretty, but definitely practical, and chances are you have a binder clip lying around. Works for other things in squeezy-tubes too (Neosporin, acne cream, etc).

  4. The playmobil mentioning person may well be me! I am obsessed with playmobil with a crazy huge collection of it. I am flat hunting right now and I intend on putting playmobil figures on doorframes as well as having a clear space to play with them.

    I have several of those figures actually. This makes me smile.

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