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July 1 | offbeatbride
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Last month I mentioned UK-based children's boutique Love it Love it Love it in my post about brightly-colored boy clothes. Now I'm back to tell you much more about them — I've fallen insanely in love with their stuff! Let me show you a few of the things I got for Tavi, and then we can drool quietly together over their other stuff.

How insanely cute is this bright and funky totally unisex tshirt from UK designer Boys and Girls? There's just something so straight-forward KID about this. It's bright! It's simple! Why can't American kids clothing designers realize that we don't need princesses or cartoon characters or sports or trucks on everything — sometimes all you need is BRIGHT COLORS and BIG STARS. Love it! As you can see, Tavi also loves it:

Who's that in the mirror?!

I got this jacket several sizes too big so that Tavi could grow into it, and despite the fact that it practically goes down to his knees, I've already got him wearing it. The construction is so insanely solid (seriously: this thing is built for HARD CORE TODDLER PLAY ACTION) that I'm not worried about it wearing out before it fits. This thing is built like a tank. (Bonus points: trippy mushroom!)

I adore both these tops from Duns Sweden, although I ended up going for the top one for Tavi. Again: bright colors! No trucks or tanks! Just fruits and vegetables and smiley faces! Damn you, European clothing designers. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME. (And why is the exchange rate so bad?)

We all know I'm a huge sucker for rainbows, and I was sad to see that Tavi's already too big for these amazing rainbow pants. If you have a baby, you need to snap those suckers up — don't wait until your child is a moose-like toddler who can't fit in stuff like this any more.

Ok, so you guys? That's only the beginning. Love it Love it Love it is the real deal — owned and operated by a work-at-home mom in the UK, this is one of those online shopping experiences where yes: it's a splurge. BUT OH MAN. Does it ever feel good.

Ooh, and it's less of a splurge starting today, July 1st — Love It Love It Love It is having a HUGE SALE, and to make the splurge even less painful, Ruth the owner is offering fast-acting Offbeat Mama readers a deal:

FREE SHIPPING for the first 10 customers who use coupon code OFFBEATSHIP. UPDATE: all the shipping coupons are gone, but you can get 10% off all orders over 50 £! Use coupon code OFFBEAT10

With clothing from newborns all the way up to 5-year-olds, Love it Love it Love it is the ultimate brightly-colored Euro-baby daydream for those of us who like our kid clothes bold, solidly constructed, and totally fun.

If you want to get in on that free shipping, stop reading, and START CLICKING!

  1. So nice to see a link to a UK site, (I live in England): I can finally buy cute stuff without paying a fortune for shipping!

  2. WOW! My eyes have never been so wide and my jaw so dropped as when I first saw that starry tee. Awesome in every single possible way. I'm desperate for a little one to share these immense clothes with.

  3. This is great… now where can I buy clothes like this for me? Extra points for bright coloured nursing clothes!

    1 agrees
  4. Hey Offbeatmamas, thanks so much for your interest – welcome aboard! All the free shipping offers have now been claimed, but you can still use the OFFBEAT10 code to claim 10% off your order (requires a £50 minimum spend during sale times)

    1 agrees
  5. is it alright if i go ahead and give myself a little pat on the back for guiding you over? *pat pat* 😀

  6. Yay, great to see some UK stores on here! I'll definitely be checking out their site – very cool kiddie clothes!

  7. The fact that they have a DARK BLUE dress with a DINOSAUR on it for a GIRL made me so very very happy to the depths of my pissed-at-Big-Baby soul. Gawd, I am so tired of green yellow, and beige…. MOAR COLOORRRRRR!!!!!
    Here's a happy thought for those of us who dread shelling out for the exchange rate: well constructed and gender neutral means lots and lots of reuse! 😉

    1 agrees

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