Use the Map of the Dead to stay alive

April 25 |

Hopefully the internet will keep working when the zombocalypse comes to our door, so we can use new app Map of the Dead as a quick way to ID high-population danger zones, liquor stores, outdoor stores, and more.

Type in an address and hit SURVIVE!


  1. as I knew I would be, I am extremely dead, as there is only a small convenience store within walking distance… or, in this case, running-wildly-whilst-swinging-a-machete-desperately distance.

    • That's probably because Canada will be the first to succomb. There is no hope except in the wilderness (where there aren't any convenience stores anyway…)


  2. This website also didn't display ANYTHING for Houston, the country's 4th largest city. Maybe the developers are still loading content. If so, disappointing that app was released before it was ready to share.

    1 agrees

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