Make this Jack Daniel's soap dispenser

August 2 | offbeatbride
Image courtesy of TheHallwaySpectacle on Etsy

What a lovely way to reuse those liquor bottles: slap a pump dispenser on the top and VOILA! Frothy Jack Daniel's soap dispenser, for some perfect clean-hand hair-of-the-dog action. Oh and of course you can buy one on Etsy for $20, if you're not feeling crafty.

  1. Does it really need to be replaced with soap…maybe it works like metering shots?

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  2. Now if you can get it to work with gel toothpaste, you can brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, just like Ke$ha!

    (Next task: figure out how to wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. More bling? Less bling?)

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  3. I am trying to do this for someone and I can't find a pump to fit the bottle. I was curious where you got the pump that fits the bottle?

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    • I found similar colored soap at the dollar store. I think it was brown sugar scented. I can't for the life of me find a black pump that fits though!

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  4. Does anyone know where to find the dispenser pump? I can't find one anywhere!

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  5. Having hard time finding top for bottle. Where did you get, or what was it off. ­čÖé

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  6. Been wanting to do this but wanted to know if there was a way to coat the bottle with something to keep the labels intact and sort of waterproof??

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    • Apply 2-3 layers of Mod Podge (letting it dry between layers), and then 2 coats of a hi-gloss lacquer spray (Valspar makes one)- available at most homes goods stores like Lowes!

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  7. I decided I wanted to do this so I ordered all the products I needed on amazon.
    I ordered this pump: Stainless Steel Finish Replacement Lotion Dispenser Pump

    The only issue I had with this pump is that it came with a tube that was way too short,the other reviewers say they received a 10 in tube but mine was 4 in. But the pump itself fits great.

    I also ordered this as a top coat to go over the modge podge, for those interested: Minwax Gloss Polycrylic Protective Finishes

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