Our friend the television: Is cable an outdated dinosaur?

March 9 |
Photo by Daniel Toror, used under Creative Commons license.
Last week I read this article on Mashable about cutting the cable cord. In it, they cover the results of a study in which five families replaced their cable with a "connected device" (vocab word, yo!) for a week. We're talking Boxee, Roku, Apple TV and Google TV, and an Xbox 360.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a man pretty high up in the pecking order of a midwestern cable company. He was very interested in learning about how us kids watch TV. I explained that we'd only recently gotten cable again — because there was a deal when we moved.

"And how did you watch TV before that?" he asked.

We watched a lot of Hulu and Netflix.

"When the deal's over, will you continue cable?"

I dunno. Probably not.

"What would make your cable subscription more useful to you?"

If I could just effing watch it on my computer. Seriously. Not even our local news stations stream their shows online. AND, my cable plan includes On Demand Streaming, but I can access content days faster online.

I'm sure a number of you don't watch TV at all — but that will never be me. I love my teevee. When we don't have cable, we watch Netflix and Hulu, and I even have a set-up that allows me to stream Japanese daytime television (Amazing. Their version of Fred Willard is a trio of very young women.) So, I'm kind of curious — does cable feel like a dying dinosaur to you? Do you already own — or are you researching — a connective device? Do you even need one? Is Netflix enough for your household? Let's prognosticate a bit on the future of mass media.

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  1. As a pair of college students and part-time workers, my fiance and I never even considered keeping the cable when my mother moved out and stopped paying for it. Other than Discovery Channel and Vh1, I didn't watch TV much. He grew up only watching what one could get via rabbit ears and didn't mind this much. After about six months of no TV, we got Netflix instant streaming on the PS3. It's fast, simple, cheap, and (save for the streaming version of Caligula) uncensored. Way better than TV.

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    • I currently live with three other college students and am about to move in with my fiancΓ©e and I in one room and my best friend and her boyfriend in the other bedroom, and this is the debate we're having, more or less. I think cable is a waste of money when you have a computer, Netflix, and more homework than time anyway. Best friend wants to be able to watch a few shows before they come out on DVD in a few months, if ever. I think she could get just as easily hooked on something Netflix is streaming, as we have before. We all get news online anyway, so we don't *need* TV, and being college students we are all near-broke all the time. I actually make a rule for myself that I can't install any computer games or turn on any gaming device during the semester, anyway. The one thing I will give her though is that I do desperately love watching something mindless and mocking the commercials while drinking Corona and lime when we go to a parent's occasionally on school breaks…

  2. I moved into my apartment on July 1st 2010. I still have yet to buy a TV, I have no cable, and I frankly couldn't care less. I can stream any news shows from my laptop less than a half hour after they've aired, and I have a hard drive chock full of my music, movies, and various TV shows.

    Living in Sweden, my tough sacrifice is not being able to use Hulu, Netflix, or even Pandora. But I still make it work.

    I do plan to buy a TV soon, but I am not planning on getting cable. I am going to continue using my laptop as my media center, and simply hook it all up to my TV. My TV will essentially become a large computer screen, and I love that.

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    • That's some good, sound advice. I never tried it, but I hear evrnyoee rave about the service. I'm a YouTube man, myself. Bad quality, as compared to a DVD, but it'll suffice. I stopped watching TV when I was a teen (decades ago), and had a tube-type TV in the basement that I tried to dump for so long. Finally got rid of it without anyone in the house complaining, because TV is digital now (don't mention the analog to digital converter!). I might look into the streaming to computer…

  3. I only have freeview (which I guess is like cable but free) I used to watch A LOT of tv but its just getting worse and worse. I'd rather just watch old things like Freaks and Geeks or the news (Man! I must be getting old πŸ˜‰ ) I've never had Sky but I must admit I do love house sitting for the bf's parents as they have every channel going. Which meant last easter we watch 3 days solid of Ace of Cakes. Which is why I think more channels is bad and streaming what i REALLY want to watch should be what i'm doing instead of zoning out to dross. If only my internet conection were better and my current channels not free I'd get rid of the tv for sure.

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  4. We only have cable because our internet is cheaper with it. We get something like 10 channels. I'd just ditch it if we could get cheaper reliable cable internet without it!

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  5. We just moved into our new house and we pay for internet and a netflicks subscriptions. We also have a tv antenna (but need to get a better one) so that we can watch the local stations. Sometimes I miss watching my shows on USA (because they often don't put their shows online) but I plan on just waiting until the DVDs come out and netflicks them.

    Cable is convenient and there is always something on. Plus the DVR recorder was nice. But I have no plans on going back to cable. We are saving at least a hundred dollars a month by not having cable. Cable needs to adapt if they want to stay relevant for a long time.

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  6. The hubs and I looove TV, but hate cable. We haven't had cable for about 5 years now and are doing just fine.

    Okay, to be fair, I suppose we do technically have cable… but it's only because the most very basic of cables came with our DSL line for $2 more per month. So now we have pretty converter box-less digital local channels and nothing else. We pretty much just use our Wii and Netflix.

    I work from home, so I'm more likely to watch MTV's 'Made' and A&E's 'Hoarders' directly from the websites than he is. It sucks a little waiting for things like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men' to hurry up and come to Netflix, but all the repeat crap on cable (not to mention the endless jewelery channels!) just isn't worth the cost.
    To us, at least.

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  7. It's so funny you mention this now because my cable company called last night and was trying to convince me to subscribe to something besides internet with them — the guy was like, "But don't you watch TV?" and I was like, "Yeah…on my computer using the high-speed internet I already get from you…"

    I haven't had cable since 3 apartments ago and that's because, like you, we had a deal on it. I watch a TON of TV (probably too much…) but it's all through Hulu, Netflix Instant, and various streaming sites for the ones that aren't on the first two. Honestly, the only thing I really miss is zoning out to the Food Network!

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    • Yes! The fact that I cannot find fluffy food network shows online is the only dent in my hulu/netflix only loyalty. On the other hand, since I *only* watch those shows to waste time, I can't really use them as justification for paying for anything.

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      • Cooking shows are THE only reason I want cable. That and Travel Channel! But if I'm really THAT desperate, I just hang with my dad for an afternoon making pasta sauce with his tv going. lol.

  8. I live in the UK and I don't have cable, nor do I miss it. I can access programmes I enjoy watching through my laptop (BBC iplayer and Channel 4 OD [on demand] over here)

    I hear about cool shows from my friends – if I enjoy the show, I'll buy it on DVD and watch them on my laptop.

    As Cortney said above, if I reach the stage of buying a TV, I'll use my laptop as a media centre. It's nice that I can have TV working for me, not the other way round πŸ™‚

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  9. I agree that between netflix and hulu my computer's got the whole tv thing pretty much covered. EXCEPT for a glaring omission: sports. I'm a huge baseball and basketball fan and I try to watch my teams as often as I can. When the Knicks are on espn sometimes espn will stream it on their site, but that's only some games. mlb.tv streams baseball games (and you can listen to the home announce or the away announcer!) but that's only if you live in one city and are a fan of a team in another city. If you are in the city where the game is televised, mlb.tv blacks out the game on your computer. There are some illegal streaming sites, but they are reliable enough to trust with a mets-phillies game. Believe me, I'm ready for cable to go the way the rabbit ears, but I need my sports so I'm stuck with cable for now.

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    • This was actually a real issue for me as well: I am a die hard Detroit Red Wings fan. I still haven't come up with a way to watch the games, but I get play-by-play updates sent to my phone from their official Twitter, and that's the best I can do, for right now.

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      • My solution has been to find a local wing restaurant and go there. I normally only purchase a $3 vodka drink, though sometimes I splurge with some wings. I've made friends this way, and $3/game is still much cheaper than a cable subscription. Since I live in a city far from my favorite teams, I find its a worth-while expenditure to make friends with other local fans.

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    • EXACTLY! I would be so ready to pull the plug on cable…if not for ESPN and the Big Ten Network – Go Buckeyes! We're really only football people, and NFL is mostly on the basic channels, so we were trying to figure out the cost difference between going to a sports bar for the games (about 10 college games and some Monday Night Footballs), but this has the multiple fold problem of (1) eating healthily while watching sports, something I've been working hard to do, (2) sometimes you just don't want put on real clothes (other than your lucky jersey) to leave your house, and (3) I am umm "that fan"…yes, I yell, and people tend not to like that on Saturday at noon when they came to get their hangover cheeseburger. If any other sports nuts come up with a good solution to this problem, please let me know!

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    • Oh gods yes to the sports, especially baseball! My living situation has been a bit migratory for the last couple of years due to the Recession and my current house-mate doesn't own a TV. For the most part, I was never a huge TV person, so I'm generally content with Hulu and Netflix, but I seriously miss being able to watch the Red Sox games!

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    • Our sports solution – if cable would have cost $40/month, we have the same $40 to spend out at a pub watching a game. We seem to find time only once or twice a month anyway, so it works fine!

    • i have a roku player for netflix streaming to the tv and there are a couple of sports subscription things pre-loaded on there. you have to pay a monthly fee like netflix. i'm not sure how much it costs or how great the coverage is, but it's an option to check out for sports fans!

  10. When we move out next month we won't be getting cable, it's just money we don't have and we only watch the Travel Channel and Cartoon Network really. I'll probably just buy Tony Bourdain episodes on itunes and my husband will watch Family Guy online too. Netflix we dig though. I like getting things in the mail, it makes it more fun and it's eas…plus I can watch Vicar of Dibley on Netflix's website.

  11. We've had a "media center" (aka a desktop computer) connected to our TV for 3 or 4 years now – we stream TV mostly from Netflix streaming but also some other services.

    Last time I had cable was during the Olympics, and I seriously watched like, Science channel and TLC. Possibly if I could subscribe to cable channels a la carte then it would be more attractive to me. Furthermore, the Olympics coverage was very disappointing, and I found myself wishing I could just stream the sports coverage of my choice at my convenience, like I do for television shows!

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    • I would be much more likely to buy cable if I could pick and choose one or two channels, HBO, BBC, Showtime. Maybe the History Channel…

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    • We have also had a desktop pc connected to our tv for the last 3-4 years (used as media centre). Our house doesnt get tv reception so we never bothered getting it fixed. This works great for us cos we just download everything we want to watch and watch at our own time.

      The ONLY time this is a problem is when guests are over (generally older generation/non tech types) and they dont understand how to use a media centre.

  12. P.S. It's definitely time for a la carte cable if anything. I would get it if I could just get and pay for a couple the channels, the ones I would actually watch.

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    • SO badly this. We've only ever been able to justify teir 1, so we get none of the channels we really want and it is such a waste of money. Plus I end up wasting so much more time watching crap. I'm not totally against TV but I hate how much TERRIBLE TV I end up watching with cable. If we could choose the channels we wanted (Discovery, History, Food network) then I;d consider paying for it. Otherwise, netflix is cheap and easy and I end up watching more quality (at least, to ME) and less Hawaii 5-0 and CSI:Miami…boo.

    • Excepting during the soccer World Cup, I haven't had cable since I moved out of my parents' in 2005. What for? The internet provides! I *may* use less than legal means on occasion, but that's mostly because I'm too impatient to wait until everything I want to watch to be on DVD.

      Meanwhile, we have netflix through our blu-ray player– high def, baby!– and a significant movie collection. And friends who share. And the public library, who totally has DVDs to lend. πŸ™‚

  13. We don't have cable, in part because we love tv too much. If we had cable, we might never stop watching, plus we'd definitely watch a lot of stuff we actually have no interest in at all. I haven't had cable in about 8 years and for most of that time never had a tv in the houses I've lived in, though we are currently "babysitting" a friend's tv while they are traveling and get a few channels with the rabbit ears.
    As the tv that's living in our house right now is soon going to go away, we've started thinking about whether or not to get one for ourselves and if so should we get cable or Apple TV. We watch tv pretty much exclusively online, so it would be nice to be able to watch it on a television set instead of a laptop. Catch is, though, that we live in Canada – that means no Hulu for us. We don't have access to a lot of the streaming sites, and a the American networks that stream their shows online aren't licensed to show them in Canada. So we only get the stuff you can find on sites that link to illegally uploaded stuff. Netflix only just came to Canada, we got it recently and it's ok – but the selection is not as wide as in the US because of licensing crap.
    Anyway, point is cable doesn't seem worth it, but I'm not sure if doing something like Apple TV is worth it either just to watch poor quality stuff.
    Still leaning towards the Apple TV, but I wish American networks would hurry up in licensing their stuff for online distribution in Canada!

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    • Honestly, Hulu is overrated. They don't have most of the shows we want to watch. We go to some sketchy sites for those.

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    • I am totally with you on the Canada thing. Right now my dude and I do not have cable. We were going to get it (he works for one of the companies so he gets a nice discount) but we weren't available the day they came to install. So we never bothered to reschedule. We have netflix. I watch some things on my computer *ahem*. We buy new shows from itunes or zune on the Xbox 360. I would love cable so we could do "on demand" or record the shows we both watch. But will we? Maybe not. Netflix is slowly getting better, Zune covers quite a bit, and we don't mind buying dvds of shows we enjoy.

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    • I also hear you guys about Canada and the crappy Netflix! How many times I've searched for a movie that's Not Available.. GRR! Zune is OK but they don't get many really new releases. But I guess I can't complain cause you could always go download movies from those movie download sites I won't name πŸ™‚

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  14. I used to be a TV junkie, but when I moved in with my husband I realized there was just not room in the house for a TV. It's actually been really nice. I can find any TV show I want to watch within 24 hours of its air date, but it's taken the pressure off me to keep up with what's cool so my watching time has decreased. When SVU marathons roll around on Tuesdays and Sundays, I really wish I had a TV so I could veg out all day and watch it, but in the end it's led me to being more productive.

  15. We have lived in our little Asian apartment for 3 years and never owned a TV. Being in Asia, Hulu and other similar sites are off-limits, and Netflix charges way too much if you want to stream overseas.

    So we watch a few shows (Daily Show, Colbert, South Park, etc.) streamed from the network sites, rent movies or see movies in theaters. I get my news from online newspapers and magazines (Washington Post, NY Times, Slate) and the Taipei Times, an English-language newspaper here.

    We have no need for a TV – we'd get 100 channels mostly of Taiwanese talk shows/Korean dramas, people with charts telling you in Chinese how to invest, ten channels of chanting monks, a few porn channels that show Japanese cartoons by day, some weird variety shows in Chinese and Taiwanese and very little programming in English (a few movie channels like HBO, CNN International, BBC and Travel and Living…some people also get Discovery and Animal Planet).

    For us, it's not worth it for such a limited selection, when we aren't big TV watchers anyway.

    I will say that CNN International is a lot better than the domestic version!

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  16. My pre-husband and I haven't had cable in years, and we LOVE it. We watch just the shows that we want on Hulu, Netflix (disc and Instant Watch), or our own DVD collection. We are sports fans, so we use the free over-the-air HDTV channels to watch the games that we're interested in. If it's a big game, and/or it's a game that's not available over the air, we'll scoot over to a sports bar.

    We're seeing a lot more savings than just the lack of the cable bill. We're exposed to a LOT fewer advertisements, so we're finding that we not so driven to buy junk we don't really need, we don't crave so much highly processed junk food, and we don't feel the need to eat out so often either.

    All-in-all, no cable is GREAT!

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  17. My husband and I have talked about getting rid of cable a number of times, but we keep not quite doing it. And poor sweetie, last time we tried to cut back, he got a good cable sales person who managed to up our channels instead. Heh.

    But for the holidays we got an Apple TV, and we love it. We're catching up on older shows we never saw the begining of, subscribing to our favorites, and I could totally see us getting rid of cable soon. I'll miss the random Discovery and History channel shows on for noise while I'm sewing or whatever, but as long as we have our good high speed internet, we're golden.

  18. Neither the Mr. or I have had cable for about 3 years [8 for him], and we don't miss it at all, nor do I see us ever paying for it in the future. We definitely rely heavily on Netflix [we just figured out that if we watch 3 movies a week, we'll get through our queue in, oh, 2 years] and the internet [comedycentral.com for my Jon Stewart fix and hulu or megavideo for things like Glee and Mad Men]. It is a little embarrassing how transfixed we are by cable whenever we're visiting family, etc. though. When we were visiting the in-laws a while back and watching the olympics, my brother-in-law said, "I can tell you guys don't watch much TV– you laugh at all the commercials." HAH! I just say it's like being a modern culture anthropologist. :p

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    • Yes! We laugh at the commercials too at the in-laws!

      Also, my best friend is always trying to get me to buy all these things that are only advertised on cable – like Shake Weights and NoNos and I'm always "???" at her.

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      • I saw an advert for a shakeweight online and I laughed, so I bought one. Oops.

  19. Due to hard times with money, our household hasn't had cable for about two years now. And I'll admit, I do miss it at times. Yes, most of the shows I want to watch, I can stream online, and we even have the computer set up using the teevee as a monitor. But I still can't find every show I used to watch, and I also kinda miss just watching reruns that I've seen a million times, something that I find I do less of with online TV.

    I'll probably be getting cable again when I have the money. But being able to watch online too would definitely be a plus.

  20. We have cable TV and we love it and we watch it regularly. I honestly couldn't imagine not having cable TV.

    We also have a Netflix subscription.

    We don't really stream stuff though because we only have a desktop computer and not a laptop. And we have archaic interest connection.

  21. Although we currently have cable (living with the boyfriend's father, who insists upon it) we plan on ditching it as soon as we move. I am more of a TV person than a movie person, so Hulu is better for us than Netflix. The shows I can't find there we usually just watch illegally (shh!) thanks to internet bootleggers.

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  22. Before I met my husband, I did not even own a TV. I read or borrowed/rented DVDs from the local library. They have whole seasons of cable shows. I also was getting a lot of home projects completed faster and don't watch the non-news; Lindsey Lohan going to court again, does anyone really care about this?

    Life without TV was definitely more productive.

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  23. We originally signed up for cable because they had a special going if you got it in combination with internet, but we almost never use it. After a few months went by, we thought about ditching the cable, and just paying for the internet, but because the special they had was over, now if we were to pay for just internet, it would cost the same as we are currently paying for both.

    So we kept our cable. And I guess it's worth it for the few times we use it, but honestly, the XBox, PS3, and the Wii (all with Netflix, we seriously need lives) get quite a bit more use, as does Hulu on my laptop.

  24. Do you still get adverts with things like netflix? Its the one thing I find frustrating with things like 4od in the uk is all the adverts and not being able to forward through them. It makes me tempted just to get the shows illegally.

    • NO. Love Netflix, so hard. They have a large number of movies and TV series available to stream instantly — without any ads at all. In the US, streaming-only subscriptions start at $8/month.

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      • My dude got in with the beginning of the Canadian subscription on Xbox for $6 a month! And it's staying that price for him until they do a major upgrade. Woohoo! That's what we'd pay for one freaking movie rental.

      • Now I reallllly want Netflix. I wonder if they have any plans to bring it to the UK….

    • I never get adverts on 4od! How odd. And obviously BBC iPlayer doesn't have any ads (for non UK-ers, the BBC doesn't advertise).

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      • Adverts/not depends on what programme you're watching. Brand new ones don't have them for some reason, but reruns of Come Dine With Me do.

  25. My partner and I have cable right now; but it's a similar situation to the one mentioned in the post, it came with the place. We've agreed though that we are definitely not getting cable when we move; it is a dinosaur. With all the crazy resources online, you can watch anything, anytime, and there's not many things that are exclusively t.v. that either of us are dying to watch.

    Cable's definitely dying.

  26. Cable has been dying a slow death in our household, and we just pulled the plug for good. We bought an internet-abled tv with a digital tuner. We're getting 15 channels of the clearest HD ever over the air. We stream Netflix through the WII as well as get dvds, and hook up the laptop to watch Hulu (and various Russian sites when necessary – ahem, True Blood and Walking Dead).

    Overall, we watch a lot less tv. And the stuff we're watching is much better quality. I have no tolerance anymore for ads.

    The only thing we miss is Sports. There's nothing sadder than following a Celtics game online by refreshing the score on ESPN.com. Down with content monopolies!

  27. um… we use torrents. The tv shows we want to watch are not on at convenient times (ie when we are trying to get the kids to bed etc) so we download the episode, watch it later once we're comfy snuggled in bed, and then delete it. Easy and free.

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  28. We live in Canada and still have rabbit ears. Six, count them six, channels for free! Of course this will come to an end at some not-so-distant point in the future, but I can easily watch the shows I want to see on the websites of the networks that show them. My greatest dream is to get rid of the tv entirely. We live in a somewhat small and awkward space, and having to work around the tv wastes alot of space.

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  29. The Hubbs and I have Netflix and a 360. We also Hulu a lot. Maybe at some point we'll get cable, we've discussed it, but my shows are House, Bones, Hell's Kitchen, NCIS and Fringe, so really, the internet has us covered. Also, Hulu carries The Daily Show, and any other news I need I can get fresher from the internet.

    Also, Cable is FREAKING EXPENSIVE. I'd rather have one nice date per month and only watch what I can watch for free online.

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  30. I haven't had cable for years. I didn't have a TV at all until I married my husband. He is a big screen TV kind of guy, but he cancelled cable when we moved in together. We watch streaming netflix almost exclusively from either our Xbox or from the DVD player that has the netflix built in. The only thing I sometimes wish we could watch are the HBO shows, but I would never get cable just for that. TV and movies both need to get with the times and make everything streaming on demand.

  31. We'd save so much money by ditching cable and you've got me really thinking about it. We have both an xBox and a blu ray player that stream Netflix but that just wouldn't be enough for me.

    First, netflix only receives shows from networks it contracts with and since studios are losing money on DVD sales to Netflix, they're trying to limit content access in those deals. I would hate to miss out on certain shows because Netflix doesn't carry it.

    Second, I'd miss out on the shows I discover but would never seek out. The nature shows, educational shows, the NatGeo channel, BBC shows. Flipping channels offers a level of variety that expands my repertoire of programs. Our streaming Netflix interface isn't good enough for that yet (although I've seen some that are).

    Also, Netflix and Hulu just aren't bug-free enough for me yet. I can't abide the "buffering" in the middle of a Glee episode on Hulu or the random streaming reloads we get on Netflix.

    Finally, I can't watch anything on my computer. To me, relaxation is chilling on the couch with my dog and my husband, not sitting alone in a computer chair, staring a tiny screen. I couldn't give up the theater experience of a television and a living room. Now, if you want to help me set up my computer TO my TV, which is actually something we've been wanting to do, I'm so there. πŸ™‚

    So yes, I think cable is on the way out. But it's not going to go the way of the dinosaur until our choices expand, the quality improves and we can plug it right into our TV.

  32. We have basic cable for 2 reasons: (1) We already get Internet with them anyway, so adding basic (no cable box) was cheap. (2) Local channels. We are in basically an antenna dead zone, so I want to have access to local news. And Jeopardy! (OK, mostly Jeopardy!)

    • yes! jeopardy!

      it's one of the reasons i have cable! i think if it wasn't for jeopardy and food network we could get rid of cable. what really stinks for us is the hubs likes to watch the tour de france every year and the only station that shows it is in the priciest cable package, blech!

  33. Love me some Netflix (however not everything has closed caption) and HuLu….before you had to buy that too. We have not had tv for about 4 years now, and its not missed.

  34. I would LOVE to get rid of cable, although I'd miss BBC America, Food Network, and Discovery Channel, and Adult Swim. My sports nut fiance isn't comfortable with cutting the cord yet.

    We watch mostly Netflix on the PS3 or Wii, and torrents for new stuff. Something that's awesome is our TV has USB ports, so we can pop jump drives in and out that have several movies on them. We're probably going to get a big external hard drive to keep our collection on, but the memory sticks are so convenient right now.

  35. We've been a Hulu/Netflix laptop-watching family for years, and now that my Amazon Prime subscription includes free streaming movies, I miss tv even less. πŸ™‚ That said, we do go to the neighbor's to watch Glee each week — but that's mostly a social thing.

  36. I gave up my cable and local access about 4 years ago and couldn't be happier. when Bix moved in he struggled a bit with the loss of access to sports but now could care less. We have a Netflix subscription but get movies only – we don't stream.

    Now we actually spend our times talking to each other, playing board games, etc. Even when we travel or visit where there is tv, we rarely turn it on. I never realized how much of my time was being absorbed by cable and now I feel like I have my life back.

  37. I totally know what you mean. I have a TV in my house (not personally mine) and a cable bill but frankly, my roommates hog it and are not very nice about sharing. So I tend to watch all my shows online, where I can throw them on during the day while I'm doing some mindless payments, etc. (I work at home) and get a laugh out of it. I've never owned a TV and I personally just don't think they're necessary any more – as long as I have computer and Internet, I'll never miss it.

  38. We only have Netflix through our Xbox. Everything winds up there eventually. And if we like it enough, we just buy it on DVD or blu-ray.

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  39. I moved in with my boyfriend in 07' and he never had cable. Now that we have a house we have basic cable because it was cheaper getting basic cable with internet, then internet only. We only use the Teley to play video games though. If I watch tv, I watch it on Netflix or hulu.

    Granted we dont watch TV too much,mostly just to fall asleep. I think not having tv brings us closer together. I remember growing up with my parents and watching tv while we ate and not really doing anything together. My BF and I play video games and board games together and just hang out, instead of being drones and glued to the teley.

  40. When I lived with my parents we had cable. Out of the hundreds of channels we had, I watched the food network and the home channel. Oh, some Disney for my sister when there were re-runs. Since moving out we are strictly netflix.
    We do have cable, but only because it came in a bundle with extra-super-fast internet that they wouldn't offer unbundled.

  41. Love Cable. Could NOT live without it. Yes, there are many ways to watch tv, but not with SO many channels and DVR!!! I love food network in the background while I am crafting or cooking or whatever. And I am obsessed with all things HGTV. It's always on. I like being able to constantly just flip through so many channels! Yes, we have netflix and Hulu is always available, but there is just something about the ease of it. LOVE IT!

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  42. For the first 2 years in my condo, I didn't have cable or internet. I relied on the library for my entertainment (internet access, movies, books, music). My fiance moved in and first thing he ordered cable, internet, and NetFlix. I feel like it takes up too much time because I get sucked in to "my shows".

  43. There are some reasons to get rid of cable. First being it is very costly, and it is not worth the money! Second, with other providers out there I don't really see a reason as to why people would pay so much for so little. Third, I would go with satellite. I have been a long time employee of DISH, and a long time user of the Sling Adapter. What it does is allows me to watch any of my satellite subscription, anywhere and at any time I want! It is very much so worth the investment.

  44. I so agree with cable being almost obsolete! My husband and I have been together for seven years and never had cable, we've enjoyed Netflix tremendously but it does have it's drawbacks. Our recently discovered solution: the ROKU. LOVE IT! It's tiny, it streams all of the media we want to see like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD, Pandora to our tv wirelessly. (You can still use the internet on your computer while watching stuff on the tv, it just slows your connection down a fair amount.) And it only cost $70, one time, no monthly fee other than the netflix which we were already paying for! We aren't huge sports fans, but you can also get sports channels some free and some for a fee, like NHL Center Ice. And from what I've seen, they are adding more content all the time, I've recently seen something called PlayOn which had a lot of channels like ESPN, Comedy Central, etc. But I have yet to check it out. (Anyone know if it's worth it?) All in all, I'd have to say big thumbs up for ROKU. (I am not affiliated with the company, I just happen to really like mine!) πŸ™‚

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  45. My husband and I didn't have a TV for the first 4 months of the place we are living in now. We now have a TV and the only reason why we have basic cable is because it came into a really great bundle deal with phone and internet. We are in Canada and my family is in the states so the phone is great to call my folks for free. We rarely use the cable. I have it on in the background some times when I am working on its on MSNBC (my sister works for them). What we normally do is hook up our laptop via mini-DVI port and watch Netflix or DVDs.
    We do some times (gasp!) watch illegal TV, however, we are already paying for it through the cable company, its just now in better quality (we don't have HD channels through the package) and without the commercials. You don't actually affect the ratings if you don't have a nielsen box for the neislen ratings system. It works for us, but some times we do miss HGTV, discovery, and the history channel. Netflix in Canada doesn't have as much content as US Netflix (I must say it is getting better). Some day when we have more cash coming in we will upgrade our cable package, but who knows. We might be so busy working we won't have time.

  46. I love Netflix! I discovered it a few months ago and have been hooked. Unfortunately because I'm in Canada i don't have access to Hulu, however I have found some other sites that basically do the same thing. One snag is that I have to agree with the sports comments. My guy and I are HUGE Montreal Canadians fans, so for now we are stuck with cable (cheaper than going to the pub to watch the game!) Although I am considering cancelling the cable off season. I guess the only channel I would really miss would be the food network, although the many wonderful food blogs I have been reading as of late are fast becoming a good replacement πŸ˜‰

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  47. I grew up with only bunny ears, ABC, CBS, NBC, and if we were lucky, PBS (depended on the weather!). One of my grandmother's had cable TV, and so we would watch it there sometimes, it was a special treat (Nickelodeon? Heck Yea!) When I was in college, the dorms had automatic cable, which I occasionally had on in the background, and once I had a room mate who insisted on having cable. But other then that… it hasn't been a thing. When I have it, it's on, when I don't have it, I'll put on netflix streaming or hulu.

    I think that regular television is definitely going the way of the 8 track, but I think it's going to be a very long process. People who are accustomed to having TV as part of their daily routine, older generations and what not, will probably never fully switch, so if cable were to die out completely, it would probably not be for 20 or 30 years at least.

    The one thing that I DO miss out on, by not having cable, are some of the stations that guard their shows carefully. BBC, HBO etc. There are lots of shows that I'm just waiting for netflix to get that I wish I could have seen already.

    One of the other reasons that TV has never caught me is I'm so busy and my schedule is so varied, that since high school, I've never been home consistently to watch a show while it was on. With DVR, this is easier, but if I look back to see what I'd need to make TV worth it for me, expanded cable to include HBO and BBC, DVR etc. Well then FINANCIALLY, it's just not worth it to me.

  48. Letting the tv tell me when to watch my shows is so 1900s.

    We have netflix streaming, and do just fine. But then, I like to watch a lot of re-runs, so just being able to watch Fruits Basket, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Keeping Up Appearances, and Dr Who keep me pretty busy. I have the TV on while I draw, so we have it on a lot, but I just don't care about having shows available the very moment they come out. I can wait till Netflix gets them. I do wish Netflix would get a deal with HGTV tho.

  49. I don't know if I'll be able to get rid of cable. Why?

    SPORTS. I am a hocket fanatic, and I rarely miss seeing my team play. (also, Amazing Race).

    My fiance and I actually went for about 8 months without cable, and we did alright. But being in Canada, Netflix wasn't up to par, and we quickly ran out of movies, TV series and video games. Plus it was hockey season, and we were spending more money in one month going to bars to watch hockey.

    If I went to 5 games in one month at the bar that's $200 for 2 people! Our cable bill is $60/month. Needless to say, we're actually saving money with cable based on our needs.

    Now, if sports could be streamed like Netflix for a loooow rate, then we'd drop cable.

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  50. I guess you could say we have basic TV for our area in the UK. Our anolog signal is getting cut off in August so its freeview or die.

    At the same time we use seesaw.com constantly either downloading them to watch later or streaming BBC iPlayer on the Wii. If we want to watch a season of something we get the box set from the library, Β£1 for a month!

    In comaprison it would cost about Β£40 ($70ish) a month for a basic sky package in my area. Way too expensive!

  51. As someone who just cancelled cable because I watch only a dozen channels, I'd like it if we didn't just have to pick from like 3 packages + hbo etc type add ons.

    I used to live in Winnipeg, Canada and of all the odd places to get it right, I feel like they did. The only way it could be better is if channels were completely a la carte. MTS (their major cable company) had levels of service, but the way they did it was that on level A you'd pick a certain number of "theme groups" (bunches of channels grouped together by theme) and so a group might be a bunch of sports channels or a bunch of cooking/home channels, or kids channels, etc.

    I have to admit that I'm tempted to go back to cable in a few months or so, just because the TV I tend to watch is cooking and home stuff, and then stuff on like discovery channel and that sort of stuff is impossible to find online.

  52. other than netflix i dont even know what all that other stuff is?!?! im very interested as we just cut off our cable and internet (mostly cause someone forgot to pay it for 3 months MOM!) and we've been trying to decide who and what to go with. . . . .
    ok dumb question alert** how do you watch all your shows on your computer??

  53. We chose to sell our tv and get rid of cable when we were pregnant with our first (about 2 years ago). We felt like it was just too easy to sit down and flip through the channels and all of a sudden the day/night was gone and what had we accomplished? Not that you can't have downtime, but there are better options most of the time.

    We currently use Hulu and tv.com for all of our tv watching. We watch specific shows, for free. We also occasionally youtube "laughing babies" for our son, because he thinks they're hilarious. πŸ™‚

    We have talked about getting Netflix so we can watch through entire seasons of tv shows that we've missed. Hubby wants to get a tv again with basic local channels for news and sports. I would probably be okay with that. I just don't like it to be the go-to activity for free time.

  54. My mom just got a new computer and we asked her for her old CPU, completely wiped it, and hooked it up to our TV. We bought a wireless mouse and keyboard that usually hang out on our coffee table. We stream TV shows from Hulu, read news online, use the tower as a DVD player, and we have all our our ill-gotten movies, TV shows, and music stored on an external hard drive that stays hooked up to the computer. We also have a PS3 we use for Netflix instant. Overall, the picture quality isn't as high, but the entire thing costs us $40 a month for internet and Netflix. We were playing almost $100 for digital cable. The only things I miss are ESPN and the History Channel. EPSN because we like sports and nothing really streams live, and the History Channel because it's like white noise while we're working/napping.

    Also, you haven't lived until you've played Plants vs. Zombies on a 42 inch HD flat screen.

  55. We have a Roku player that we use to watch Netflix on our TV ('cause our TV is old and we have no game system or anything to stream with). We have basic cable by default, because it's included in the HOA fees. We've been considering just unplugging the TV from the cable though – like so many people have said, it is really just a timewaster for us. CSI marathons or the Food Channnel get us every time. I'd love to switch to streaming Netflix exclusively (right now we have the one DVD at a time plan), but until there is a better selection of British TV shows to stream, I need the DVDs.

  56. For my sports (proud member of the Steeler Nation baby!) I actually turn to an older technology – I've taken to listening to them on the radio. But the radio station is a hometown station that's streaming it's coverage over the internet. It's fun to hear the familiar voices and totally biased commentary. It's not the same as TV and I wouldn't "watch" a playoff game that way, but it does scratch the sports itch.

    • This is the reason why I could never get Sky sports. It really wouldn't be the same to "see" cricket on TV. (guess where I'm from) It's not real unless I can hear it on the radio. If I want a treat the money saved goes towards a ticket to see it live.

  57. except for one summer when i was sub-letting in someone else's apartment, i've never had cable, and never care to. we have waaaaaay too much else in our life to watch TV. we bought a TV for our first married christmas, since a friend had given us a netflix subscription. we got rabbit ears so we could watch last year's olympics, we watch movies and TV shows through netflix (DVD and streaming), and also have boxee which mostly gets used for pandora (still a free account, but no commercials! woohoo!). no need for or interest in anything else; i'd rather go play outside. =)

  58. I was a bunny ears child as well, never had cable growing up (to this day the Hubs is amazed I've never seen Fraggle Rock).

    I didn't have cable until I graduated college and moved in with the then future-hubs. As the years have gone on, I definitely could do without it, as most of the shows I watch are on the regular channels anyway (like Fox, or ABC). I do love the DVR though. But anything I'd miss without cable I could always catch online.

    That said though, the one thing I don't think has been mentioned is the whole experience of watching something on a computer. I truly HATE watching TV on my computer. We don't have any sort of wireless device, just a desktop computer and a TV both anchored with wires into the walls in the office and living room. So in order to watch something online I literally have to sit at the desk in my office. I sit at a desk most days of work, so watching a movie or something at my desk is so unapealing.

    We have a Wii, but in order to use the Netflix/Wii thing we need a wireless device. I am kind of out of the loop with tech anyway. I still use a Palm Pilot for my calendar. And I don't know what any of those other "connected devices" are. I think I am a 28 year old old lady.

    • Post Script, I just read the mashable article and one of the points is, "Rather than competing against offerings from Amazon, Netflix and iTunes, cable companies should leverage their strengths and make content more accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones."

      Yeah see. I have ZERO desire to watch TV on any of those devices. I want to be sitting in my huge comfy sofa with a blanket and my flat screen. Dinky smart phone TV watching is not for me.

      • I'm with you. I can't see the point of watching on a computer or other device. I'm tied to my computer screen all day at work — so an evening with it BLECCHH!

      • I'm not an avid TV watcher. I don't have the attention span to just sit down and watch TV, I'm usually doing a million other things, and the TV serves as background noise with a plot. So, watching TV from my laptop is a no-go, because it's hard to do other things. I'm all about curling up on my couch and knitting a blanket while watching reruns of Scrubs that I got via torrent.

    • Totally with you on not wanting to watch tv on the computer! Thats what awesome comfy couches and big widescreen tv is for!
      That being said we have turned a spare computer into a media centre so you get the benefits of computer all from your comfy couch in the living room πŸ™‚

  59. We are a strict Hulu/Netflix family. We mostly watch it on our iMac. We found this amazing desk that looks a lot like a tv stand so it blends into normal living room decor and has eliminated the need for a separate office space. We LOOOOOVE it.

  60. After over a year of Netflix and Hulu only, we recently got cable hooked up again when my in-laws moved back home. I'm happy to accept free satellite tv, but I already know I won't be footing the bill when they leave again. I can't imagine paying $100 a month just for the privilege (I use the term loosely) of watching the same thing that everyone else is watching at the same exact time. It actually creeps me out a little when I imagine millions of other people chuckling at the same punchline. I prefer my tv on demand!

  61. My honey and I have no cable, and no immediate plans for it. Our dvd collection is horrifying and diverse, and we have accounts for Netflix and Hulu. The only drawback to our setup is that the living room is arranged in such a way as to make my computer table the de facto entertainment center -which I don't like. We are looking into getting a tv and running a feed into it, though. Anybody know about that sort of thing?

    • depends on what kind of ports you have on your computer. My husband and I have a Macbook Pro laptop we use a mini-dvi port to connect it to the TV

  62. My fiance and I moved into our duplex in 2007 and we haven't had cable this whole time. At first we made do with just rabbit ears, but since the D-TV conversion and our purchase of an HDTV a couple of years ago we've even ditched those. We have a netflix subscription, which we watch streaming through the wii, and an internet connection. Really, there isn't anything else we could need.

  63. We are netflix junkies. And hulu. And those technically-illegal-but-so-worth-it sites.

    The only way I would ever ever get cable is they had some package where you could pick whichever five or whatever channels for x affordable dollar amount and not deal with the rest of them. I would have Discovery, Natgeo, Food network, travel and BBC america. The rest of the channels are either crap or online.

  64. I never had cable growing up and now that the wonderful world wide web provides me with all the tv and movies I need, I don't think I'll convert. The only draw for my husband are televised sports and it's just not worth the $$ to us. We recently got hooked on Netflix, but for us, it's all seasonal – we spend much more time watching tv & movies in the winter because we just don't want to brave the cold!

  65. I like my cable, mostly because I like to flip and find something silly or interesting that I still wouldn't click on if it crossed my path online–like River Monsters or America's Funniest Home Videos (bridesmaids circa '86 accidentally panty flashing? what could be more fun after a soul-sucking day at work?)

    There's an element of deliberation to online viewing that is nice, but I also like the chance of watching tv tv. And I use it as covering noise for my thumpy and argumentative apartment neighbors, too.

  66. I've not had cable for the last seven years or so (I had a tower hooked up to my tv way before it was called a "media center"), and so now neither my husband or I have it. It just seems like a waste of cash to us… Why pay to watch commercials when *all* the shows are available elsewhere? πŸ˜‰

    It's actually gotten to the point where we sometimes watch commercials on Hulu because they're such a novelty.

  67. We've been cable free for a couple of years. We use the xBox streaming Netflix or Zune. We were spending Almost $300/mo on cable because of all the fees/upgrades etc. We get the same service now for the cost of internet and our Netflix subscription. It's just a better deal.

    Bonus: No commercials.

  68. First and foremost let me just say I'm a tv movie junkie! I am not techno-savvy so to netflix or hulu on gaming devices totally sucked. I love Roku it come with a clicker so there no monkey-ing with a game controler. James my techno-guru hubby has always streamed video in over a computer-he's english and ocassionally wants to watch DR. Who that won't be available here until christmas next year or world cup etc. So he built a computer that is a server that contains our music and video back ups plus served the purpose of allowing us to stream which meant for me to veg out and watch the tele there was this complex sequence which just made it so not worth watching tv at all. Roku is simplistic has relevant content other than netflix and hulu theres justintv which is random by nature it broadcasts others recorded content. The other night we found The Wonder Years being broadcasted. I just ordered another Roku, I plan on slowly outfitting each tv set we own with one. I hope specialty channels start catching on that no one watches cable(or can afford cable anymore) and start to broadcast exclusive content to these devices. I miss the style channel and food network most. OTHER than that I'm quite happy not having cable.

  69. My husband and I have been cable free since we moved into our first home January 2010. We love our Wii for Netflix, our Roku in other rooms, and a MacMini attached to our HDTV for Hulu and pretty much anything online. Cable is a novelty we enjoy when we stay in hotels and visit people. Plus if we really want to see something we plan a date with a fellow tv fan or go to a bar to watch a game with other sports fans. It makes TV more interactive than sitting on your couch growing your butt.

  70. This discussion is really interesting to me, as someone who has never owned a television in my life. I've been seriously considering getting one to cut down on my entertainment expenses, but I don't want to get cable, and I don't know if my wireless internet would be robust enough to handle Netflix streaming.

    This is really showing me what my options might be for in-home visual entertainment!

  71. I LOATHE watching TV on my computer … but I'm starting to do it more and more. SO I just bought a Roku – all the beneits on streaming TV on, well, a TV! I haven't gotten it yet though.

    That said, we do have Cable and I would prefer Cable's onDemand functionality to Hulu, etc … except that it rarely works. Time Warner blows.

    • I LOVE how cable touts its OnDemand like it's super special. Instead of being two-three weeks behind on shows, only a few episodes deep, and only hosting a few shows from a few networks. I WANT to not steal TV, cable. Make it easier.

  72. I love tv πŸ™‚ & I love my U-verse! & I really don't think of it as "cable" ~ they have this whole interactive component that I love, I can check real time weather, news, etc.
    The On Demand is out of control. I can watch all of my favorite HBO. SHO, & Comedy Centrals shows whenever I want.
    The On Demand for the premium networks (HBO/SHO/Starz/etc) all have tons of movies too.

    Oh & I couldn't live w/o my Netflix that I stream via (get ready) my laptop, my desktop, my bluray & my iPhone.


  73. seconding and thirding so many others , yes. CABLE BLOWS. Ive been cable free for nearly 6 years and I dont feel like I am missing anything. What we cant get on Netflix or watch online, we dont miss. What I love MOST about being cable free, aside from the money we save is NO FUCKING COMMERCIALS.

  74. No cable in this Household. We only watch TV for local news channels. Even those times are few and far between. Netflix to our game system and to our home is all we need.

  75. My husband likes to build PCs and so we have one hooked up to our tv in the living room. We use our tv as a gigantic moniter. It works out amazingly, especially since we um, like to download things without necessarily paying for them. There are things about cable I miss (Shark Week, alas). I'm pretty certain Discovery will get their asses in gear within the next year or two and get with streaming. Seriously though, I'm more of a PBS kind of person, and fortunately they do put lots of stuff online. In the meantime, you guys gotta make friends with some nerds.

  76. My fiance actually built a computer, which he refers to as our media server, JUST to have an operating system on it that will stream movies from his main PC/media server in our office. The funniest thing is the server he built is housed in an original Nintendo so people flip out when they see it.

    The office computer has more than a hundred movies on it and a bunch of shows, plus we have around 400 DVDs. Between what we own and Netflix we axed our cable. We do get a few local channels (news, a shopping channel, ABC family, WGN, and a couple others) because we have internet and that just comes with it.

    Netflix is the best. Though my fiance will probably get a full cable package from April through June for NHL playoffs. Being from Detroit (but living in the DC area – go Caps!) he's a hockey freak.

    • I would LOVE a photo of that in the Flickr pool. And if he's feeling up to it, I wouldn't turn down a good post about how he did it (also with photos!)

  77. With one on the way and our desperate attempt to move b4 Incubabe comes, we plan to cut the cord when we do. My husband set up a computer to record shows for us off antennae, we will watch hulu with that and up our Netflix to two disks versus 1. I don't think I will miss it

    Except for HBO original programming…darn them for not streaming their shows yet and being Netflix haters! Their new online "streaming" is only if you already pay fOr it w/ your cable subscription. True blood–I'll miss you!!

  78. I use http://www.mvixusa.com: a small box with HDMI that you connect to your TV and that is wi-fi and has a network cable connector too if you prefer that. Then you download all the TV shows/movies you want on your computer using http://www.isohunt.com and http://www.utorrent.com, open the MVIX, browse to your computer and press PLAY!

    For all of you who will be offended by the fact that this is piracy, hold on: many shows are already offered for free online by their publishers. For the rest, we must all work towards changing the laws and allowing piracy because piracy is sharing and sharing is good for us all. The producers/creators won't be left behind. The new system that will emerge will find a way to reward them for their great work. Trust our global intelligence.

  79. Can I get clued in on where you're getting Japanese shows? I left there a year ago and I can *feel* my language skills draining out of me from non-use.

  80. I grew up without cable and Fox so I've found that I don't get a lot of 1980's and 1990's pop culture references. πŸ˜€

    However, our apartment rent includes cable so I'm quite used to it now.Upon reflection, I'd miss Sportscenter, football and baseball games if we didn't have cable. But I think I'd find ways to cope. I'd not miss how much PBS I don't see due to cable being in the house.
    This month we joined Netflix, and will renew it when it comes due. I feel that the benefits outweigh the $95.88 a year cost. I enjoy seeing canceled shows on the big screen and being able to time shift. As we don't have a DVR this is a big breakthrough for me!

  81. I grew up with cable and had it until we moved into our new place in February. I no longer have cable and I'm finding that I don't miss it at all. I can watch pretty much everything I used to watch on hulu and I still watch a lot of back shows on netflix. I wish there were ways to watch premium channels online as I LOVE some shows…but they seem to be so stuck on the old model. As far as sports, we bought an HD antenna (one time $50 cost) and hooked it up to our tv. So now I get all the basic channels for free in HD with that for sports. And I have an xbox kinect and they also have sports that stream on there (and since I don't live where I grew up, I rarely get to see my home teams on tv anyway, cable or not).

    I guess so far, I haven't really found a reason to go back to cable. Sure some things I can't find online, but a lot of those things were shows I didn't watch on tv anyway b/c I didn't have premium channels.

  82. I gave up cable and landline three years ago. Hulu and Netflix stream to the TV via my Blu Ray player, local channels come through via antenna/converter box combo, everything else (Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, etc.) I can stream online. Internet is the only thing I pay for and that's $19 a month, which I need for my computer anyway. Why would anyone pay for cable?

    PS I am a 48-year-old single mom who is the least tech-savvy person in the world (I still can't figure out the camera on my phone) and I was able to figure out how to do this and set it all up all by myself simply be reading about it online.

  83. We have an HDTV and never bothered to get a digital converter years ago. We have a spare computer tower hooked up to the TV, a network linking all 5 computers in the house, a subscription to Netflix, and have not once missed having "normal" TV channels at our fingertips. Not to mention the fact that we only watch what we're interested in, as opposed to zoning out in front of the TV for hours at a time.

  84. We are getting out of our Directv contract in May. I can't wait. We're paying almost $200 a month since we have a cable/internet package from Comcast too. Oh AND we also have Netflix. I've grown to love DVR but it's so not worth it. Blarg.

  85. I love TV, but don't have much time for it lately. So it's easy to get my fill with Hulu & Netflix, especially since we have all 3 gaming consoles and 2 computers. The only thing is, what about sports?? I love the NBA and NFL, and golf and tennis. There are few resources for those online and what exists kinda sucks. Plus, there's just nothing like gathering around your TV with snacks and drinks for a game.

  86. I don't have cable, but I have a converter box. The only channels I watch are PBS and this random local channel that shows 70's and 80's music videos 24-7. Everything else I watch on Netflix through my laptop. The ONLY way I'd ever get able is if they allowed some kind of a la carte service that allowed you to pick and choose the channels you wanted.

  87. We have high speed internet, a Blu Ray in one room that does Netflix/Pandora and a Roku in the living room that does Netflix/Hulu/Pandora and a host of other things. The only "tv" we watch is whatever comes over our antenna so like the local news and that's about it.

  88. I go to my neighbour's house to watch Once Upon a Time with them, and that's about it. I do own a TV, but I use it only to play the Wii or watch DVDs (even then, that's rare). If I could pick-and-choose what channels I got, I MIGHT be willing to get TV, but as such it's a huge black box taking up valuable space in my living room. If I didn't live in rural Indiana where internet connection options are a joke, I'd be more than willing to pay for Netflix.

  89. Ahh yes the inevitable question, cable or no? My fiance and I do not have cable and instead stream online through Netflix, Hulu, and other such methods. We find it a lot better to watch stuff when we want to and not when the "man" tells us to watch. πŸ™‚ also wayyyyy cheaper

  90. We haven't used a TV in a year now and don't miss it. Between Netflix and Hulu, we do just fine because we're not big TV people anyway. I'm thinking about getting Amazon Prime so we can watch their movies/shows for free as well, since they have the biggest selection of shows I actually do want to watch. I could then cancel Netflix and Hulu because they rarely have what I'm looking for. When we move, we'll get a TV just for videogames.

  91. I have worked for the cable companies for 10 years Comcast, TWC I will be honest, to me cable TV service is really outdated. in all aspects. What do I mean exactly? Still, service is bundle packaged. Consumer are forced to pay for a package of channels, most consumer watch less than half the channels they are paying for. In addition, the premium channels repeat programming, and movies, plus On Demand is limited. Now, as for the alternative to cable, such streaming content, which is good but is also limited, with devices like Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV except for one multimedia center device, the VStreamTV the content is unlimited. Watch Movies, classics and the latest titles, the same for TV Shows, and even live TV. learn more, Go to: http://myvs2.com/streem tvnow

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