Cool idea of the week: turn an old bikini top into a doll sling for your toddler


I want a sparkly bikini top sling for my stuffed animals, too!

After purging their closet recently, someone passed a bunch of hand-downs to me. There were a few bikinis in the lot so yesterday I went through and tried them on and picked one to replace my ten-year-old pink sparkly thing. Finally.

One of the bikinis had a tube top and look, maybe YOU have cleavage, but I'm the sort of woman who swells all the way to an A cup during pregnancy. There are sheets of plywood with more curvature than me, so tube tops aren't really an option because there is exactly NOTHING on my chest to hold them up. So I tossed it into the donate pile.

Charlotte salvaged it from the donate pile, slung it over her shoulder like a sash, and declared SLING! Then she found her monkey and carried him around "giving milk" for the rest of the afternoon. OHMYGOSHSOCUTE!

Click on over to Becoming Sarah to bask in the cuteness of this, y'all.

  1. Brilliant… I was just wondering how to fashion a sling for my daughter, who's occasionally been improvising one for her toys since her brother was born!

  2. Wow, this is such a cute idea….we are definitely going to encourage our daughter to use a sling instead of one of those imo horribly looking play pushchairs.

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