Hot Mama Ink introduces "Mama Wants" — an online wish list and registry in one

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We HEART Hot Mama Ink!

Remember sponsor Hot Mama Ink and their Mother's Milk tee? ME TOO! The biz has recently gone and made your badass attire shopping that much better with the launch of their new wish-list-meets-gift-registry, Mama Wants. So if you're hoping to score something like this anchor-adorned baby sling or this rad heart and dagger tee instead of traditional gear, you're reading the words that will help make it happen.

Hot Mama Ink has been an edgy alternative maternity fashion staple since their launch in 2006. They've recently rehauled their website, making it easier to navigate to all of the badass maternity and nursing-friendly gear you want. Mama Wants lets you save your favorites and share your list with anyone you want. Your items will remain on the page you link friends and family to until you remove them or someone buys them.

The process is simple:

  1. Find an item you love — maybe something like this maternity tank dress for you or the heart wing tee for your baby.
  2. Select your size
  3. Click the RED button that says "Mama Wants" (pictured below)
  4. BOOM! Your item is moved to your registry
Using Hot Mama Ink's registry, Mama Wants is aweeeeeesome!

It's really that simple — no signing up or personal info required. Basically, you see what you like, save, share, and YOU GET IT. I'm not sure online shopping gets much radder than this… I'd skip my happy little self over to Hot Mama Ink and test it out if I were you!

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  1. That's awesome! Bookmarking for when we get to the having-kids stage! Looks relatively reasonable too, considering I'm hella cheap, haha.

  2. I love their designs, now if they would just start offering larger sizes so that I could actually wear them…

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