An ingenious cat-box placement and a painting made of crayons show up in our reader photos

August 29 |

Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Let's get the week going with a look at what's been going on in the world of our readers, taken from the Offbeat Home Flickr group.

Finished canvas with frame
Chae made her very own melted crayon painting. Easy, cheap, and laid out for you in her tutorial.

Some days are lazier than others
Some days are lazier than others, says Elisa Self.
Granny cushion
Mirre's very fancy granny cushion -- love the colors and the nostalgia.
Behind that door is a cat box.
Ve Ramos has a brilliant cat box placement: inside a shelf-less bathroom cupboard.
My mum celebrated my brother's wedding with home made bunting and all the family wedding pics on the mantelpiece
AHHHH! Annabel Vita's brother got married and to celebrate, her mum made a lacey bunting and hung it on her homey mantle.
Finished spice rack!
KindleCat made a spice rack using glass jars, protected from sunlight by their individual cubbies.

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  1. Yes. All of this.

    I'm especially in love with the crayon painting! I think, since we're still renting and actual crazy colors on the wall are off-limits, we will be doing this for my son's room. It's so much fun. Yay, melting things!

    • I'm glad people like the crayon painting. I made it as a wedding gift and the recipients loved it! I used a heat gun, but I've seen people use a hair dryer successfully, too.

  2. The melted crayon art is AMAZING and I'm really sad I won't be around this weekend to create some! That will give me time to decide where to put it, anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the spice rack! But my favorite has to be the reptile cafe. I used to work literally five minutes away, but left Japan two days before it opened. Alas! I shall send the link to my former coworkers in hopes that someone can go for me.

  4. That granny square pillow is stunning! I love all the colors. And the chair it's sitting on is gorgeous, too! I love everything about this picture.

  5. Thank you for featuring my kitty's litter box hide away! It was the first "project" we did when we moved into our new home.

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