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November 28 |
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Let's Get Some Shoes by Theresa Bramblett

We're excited to have our sponsor TurningArt back to share a holiday promotion and updates!

If you didn't read our earlier post on TurningArt (It's like Netflix, but for art!) here's a primer: TurningArt is an art rotation service. You create a queue of artwork you like on their site and TurningArt will ship you prints of those pieces as often as you choose. They provide a custom-made frame and all you have to do is use the same mailer that your prints arrive in to send the old ones back — and all shipping is free. It'd be great for gifting this month hint, hint — especially since they're offering 20% off gift subscriptions through the end of the day.

The best part is: every dollar you spend on your subscription goes directly into a credit you can use towards the purchase of original artwork on the site. Try the art on your walls for as long as you like and when you fall in love with something, you'll be able to buy it at a great price!

Big Flower by Julian Lesser

So, let's hear about the updates

TurningArt simplified all of their plans to $10/month — with unlimited rotations, which used to stand at $20 a month! You can choose to have new art shipped to you on demand, or set an "auto-ship" feature which will have new artwork from your queue arrive at your doorstep at the frequency of your choosing.

Two is One by Joon Park

TurningArt now carries photography. Last time we wrote about TurningArt they heard from lots of you about adding photography. They've added it!

Sweet Pea by Robert Ullman

Now, let's talk about gifting

Giving a subscription to TurningArt is like a Wine of the Month Club but AMAZING ART!

TurningArt completely updated their gifts for this holiday season. Here are some options:

You can now send a gift frame. In lieu of an email, you may now send an actual TurningArt Frame along with a guide to getting started. Each frame is wrapped with a satin bow and includes a personalized note from you.

Mushroom Inspector by Kristina Collantes

Schedule delivery for whenever you like. You may now also specify when you'd like your gift to be delivered. We'll do our best to make sure it arrives on time — not too early and never too late.

And the absolute best part? TurningArt is currently offering 20% off all gift purchases through midnight on Monday 11/28/2011 — as in TODAY!

That means you can give someone the gift of TurningArt for as little as $24!

TurningArt makes discovering — and ultimately owning — original artwork by emerging artists easy and affordable. It'll make someone on your Christmas list quite happy, so get signed up now!

  1. Turning Art is the best! I let my son choose what piece he would like to hang in his room each month! It's great exposure to the arts! Highly recommend!

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