What gifts can we send our pregnant friend for herself, not the baby?

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All photos by Angie Tabaczynski.
All photos by Angie Tabaczynski.
My best friend is pregnant.

Lately the preggo hormones have been making her very depressed and I was thinking about making up a care package for her — one that's all about her and not so much focused on baby stuff.

I know there are a lot of products that pregnant women can't use or even come in contact with, so I was wondering if any of you could suggest some things that would be safe and useful for a mama to be.


Here are a few of our favorite ideas:


Maternity clothing can be a real bitch.


If your friend is into accessories, they can be a cool way to say, "Hey! Here's something you can wear and love whether or not you're pregnant, because it turns out you're still YOU."

Zoya nail polish (lower toxicity than most nail products)
Zoya nail polish (lower toxicity than most nail products)
Modcloth always has an awesome scarf collection.
Modcloth always has an awesome scarf collection.

Scarves are an awesome option — they're fun and you can wear them whether or not a small human is about to burst out of your body.

Non-baby books, OMG

Sure, a lot of parents-to-be want ALL THE BABY INFO RIGHT NOW… but they also like reading non-baby stuff, too. We have a massive archive of books to choose from — these are especially loved:

Sex, Sin, and Zen, A People's History of the United States, American Gods, Mrs. Dalloway.

If you're looking for even more adult-friendly written works, check out the discussion over here.

Comfort items

Superman fuzzy socks, $13; UGG Women's Ansley Bling Slipper, $130; Plush Multi Color Fun Striped Socks, $20.

Pregnancy can be rough on the body, and anything soft and nice can help. Warm slippers, robes that make you feel snuggly, you name it — if your friend is feeling distinctly uncomfortable, chances are she'll appreciate any efforts to help her feel differently.

Local ideas

If you want to stick to gifts from your neck of the woods, here are a few ideas you could try out:

  • A voucher or gift card to a local cleaning service (check Groupon!)
  • A gift certificate to a spa for a manicure/pedicure or a massage (we always see tons of deals on Amazon local)
  • Movie tickets, because it may be tough to go to see a flick after the baby comes.
  • Craft supplies, if she's into that kind of thing (crafts can get out some of those crazy nesting impulses that hit even the non-crafty during their last weeks of pregnancy)
  • Yummy, non-chemically skincare stuff like this.

Pregnant mama, what gifts for yourself have you most enjoyed?

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